July 8, 2014

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At 4' 11" Tall...She Dropped From 111 lbs to 98 lbs in 4 months!

"Hi Clarence,....Yesterday I worked out with you for the first time and I wanted to let you know my thoughts on the class and why I think CD Fit is the best exercise program I have ever joined.


1) First, class yesterday (7/1) with you was BRUTAL. I am surprised I did not die. I love your organization (sorry for facing the wrong way on the court - now I know) and your motivation for keeping us going. Your punishment of 50 pushups made me fearful, so I made sure I didn't slack on my sprints and bear crawls. I have blisters on my palms today (even with gloves) but I don't care. It was worth it.


2) You and Kris (and the other trainers who sub for Kris - Andrea and Thea (sp) are the most amazing, kind-hearted, encouraging and motivating trainers I have ever met in my life. It makes me feel like I have joined a healthy family and it makes me want to come to class every day, no matter if I don't feel like it or if it's 100 degrees outside. I respect you guys and push myself past my comfort levels not only for myself, but because I want to make you proud. Kris' smile is wonderful and I look forward to seeing him every day. He has moved me up in weights aggressively and although I fight it initially, I am able to do what he recommends and am waiting to become stronger and continue to move up in weights.


3) I broke off an engagement in January (2014) and was depressed and had very unhealthy eating habits. I decided I needed an abrupt change and became a member a few months later (Mar 2014). Since I joined CD Fit this year, I have lost 13 pounds (in 4 months from 111 lbs to 98 lbs @ 4' 11" tall). I have changed my eating habits and work out 4-5 times a week. Last year when I tried out CD Fit for the first time as a 2-month trial, I could only do pushups on my knees. Last week during our assessment, I found out I could do 38 pushups in 2 minutes - I had no idea I was capable of that. Also, last year I could only run a 10-minute mile. During our assessment I found out I can now run a 7:25 minute mile. I was SO surprised!


I'd like to thank you guys for providing us with the best motivation and workout programs I've ever experienced. I refer you to all of my friends but they think it's too "hardcore" for them. (I keep trying to convince them to at least try it with the Groupon). I hope to stay with you for as long as I possibly can!


- Alexis Thornlow


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Clarence Duhart, Fitness Specialist/Founder


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