Hello Boot Campers,

The results are in and we now have the winners of the 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge in Oct 2015! 

First, let me congratulate all of you that participated in last month's contest.  The list of results are truly amazing, and we are extremely happy to see so many of you lock in on your eating habits for this 21 day time period. It is obvious that many of you were eating really clean and doing some serious extra cardio outside of class!!!  This continued type of focus over the long term is what is needed to achieve great results, so please use this progress as momentum toward your ultimate goal.  You have proven to yourself that you can do it with this 21 day challenge, so don't let anything or anyone stop you.

So, now back to the contest winners and their prizes.  As you remember the contest was to see who could drop the highest percentage of their total body weight in just 21 days.  We choose the top 3 winners from all classes, and below is the link for the original announcement that listed the prizes.



3rd Place Winner is Donaldo Fong from the 545am Silver Spring class (originally) with Darren Jones as his instructor for 8 months up to the end of the contest period, and currently a member of the 7pm Alexandria class with Jack Draper as his new instructor.  Donaldo dropped 12.8 lbs for a reduction of 5.50% of his total weight.  Donaldo has come a long way since starting the program 9 months ago, and this is only the beginning for him.  Good job, sir!

2nd Place Winner is Asian Udoh from the 7pm Mitchellville class with Judson Tallandier as her instructor. Asian dropped 14.3 lbs for a reduction of 9.14% of her total weight.  This is excellent progress, and she missed first place by only .19 lbs!!!!!  Excellent work Asian...excellent work! 

1ST PLACE WINNER is Deirdre Baruti from the 545am Largo class with Judson Tallandier as her instructor. Deirdre dropped 14.8 lbs for a reduction of 9.26% of her total weight.  The crazy thing is that she was on target to lose 20 lbs by the end of the contest, but her schedule became erratic at the beginning of the 3rd week.  Very impressive, Deirdre....very impressive. We are all really proud of you, and we thank you for your dedication and commitment.  Your success is inspiring!

Deirdre was also one of the runner ups for last year's contest when she dropped 10 lbs during that contest.  She was determined to win this one, and she really put in the work.  We will email out her success story, meal plan and new pics in the coming weeks, and below is a link to her B4/After Pics and Success Story from last year:


So, there you have it boot campers...

We congratulate all of you, again, for your effort and hard work.  You are all winners, so keep up the great work!


Clarence Duhart, Founder
CD Fit: High Performance Training

21 Day Weight Loss Challenge by CD FIT (Text Version) - Oct 2015

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Hello Boot Campers,

With Summer ending and no more weekends at the beach and pool...I am sure there is a lot of bad eating going on! :-)  So, I decided to put something together to motivate you to get back on track for the upcoming holidays that are just around the corner.  Plus, a nice little incentive to build some momentum for the Spring and Summer of 2016, because we have to remember to start working on our Summer bodies a year in advance.

So, here you go....

We will have our next 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge in October 2015 to see who can lose the highest percentage of weight in 21 days.  Just 21 days of eating really clean and watching your calorie intake, attending class as much as possible, and maybe some extra high intensity cardio on your own to help burn those extra calories.  But remember...you can not out train a bad diet.  A lean toned body requires that you follow a really clean eating plan along with 3 to 4 days per week of intense Metabolic Strength Training to condition the entire body.  Come to class everyday and we will take care of that part for you. Follow our eating tips and guidance listed on the Lifestyle page of our site, and that will take care of the eating plan.

This contest will run from Tuesday, 10/6/15, through Tuesday, 10/27/15, for all CD Fit classes and among all members (regularly enrolled members of CD Fit).  We will pick the top 3 winners among all members of CD FIT.  The contest is for the top percentage of total weight lost in the 21 day time period.  For example, if your starting weight is 150 lbs and you drop 7.5 lbs during the contest time your percentage lost will be 5% of your original total weight.  5% to 6% is a good goal to work toward for your own personal success, but it's better to go for 8% to 11% to shoot toward the winner's circle .  In our previous 21 Day contest our winners dropped a ton of weight!  Click Here for the previous contest results.

See below for the prizes...

1st Place Winner:
1) 2 night weekend stay in a beautiful Congressional Suite at the newly renovated Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC.  Click Here for Room Features and Photo Gallery along with the hotel information.

This is another gift from our long time member of CD Fit, Steve Smith, who is also the hotel manager at the Mayflower. After hearing of the contest and the other gifts he graciously donated this wonderful gift, again, as one of the prizes to the 1st place winner. This time for a 2 night stay instead of just one night!  We are truly grateful, Steve, for your generosity.  Thank you!

2)  1 Hour Stress Reduction Massage at Oriental Oasis Day Spa in Washington, DC.  Therapeutic massage is a rewarding, pleasurable experience that will benefit both body and mind. It tones, relaxes, and enhances your total body.

Click here for spa location and details. The spa is on Vermont Ave NW and it's only 3 short blocks from the Mayflower hotel on Connecticut Ave. 

3) Dinner for 2 at the amazing DC Coast Restaurant. An acclaimed Washington landmark since it burst on to the scene fifteen years ago, DC Coast was conceived as a chic, comfortable atmosphere in which impeccable service meets first-class cuisine. 

The winner will receive an $100 gift card to enjoy, and this is by far my favorite restaurant in the DC area. The restaurant is located at the corner of 14th and K str NW (click here for details) and is only 2 blocks from Oriental Oasis Spa and 3 blocks from the Mayflower hotel.  All within a short distance of each other for your convenience.

4) Tom Ford beauty make-over and complimentary lunch at the Neiman Marcus cafe in Tysons Corner Galleria. This is a gift from our Friends of CD Fit.  Our male members can pass this on to their female love ones if they are one of the winners.

5) 3 Free Months of Membership to your currently enrolled CD Fit class. The 1st Place Winner will receive the months of Dec 2015, January 2016, and February 2016 free of charge.  You worked hard during the contest period, and this will simply allow you to continue your progress through the winter at no charge. 

6) 3 CD Fit Shirts for you to sport this year. Winner will be able to pic any color, type, and size for their 3 shirts.

2nd Place Winner:
1) 1 Hour Stress Reduction Massage at Oriental Oasis

2) 2 Free Months of Membership to your currently enrolled CD Fit class.

3) 2 CD Fit Shirts

4) A Tom Ford beauty make-over and complimentary lunch at the Neiman Marcus cafe in Tysons Corner Galleria. 

3rd Place Winner:
1) 1 Free Month of Membership to your currently enrolled CD Fit class

2) 1 CD Fit Shirt

3) A Tom Ford beauty make-over and complimentary lunch at the Neiman Marcus cafe in Tysons Corner Galleria.

Now, this is a wonderful package....I wish I was a member so I can win! :-)

I hope that this inspires some of you take it to the next level, because clean eating is the key to a lean mid-section.  We will help you to build the lean tone muscle, but good clean eating is the key to seeing that muscle.  This contest is just a little fun competition to reward you for your hard work in class and in the kitchen. 

As listed above, this contest will run from Tuesday, 10/6/15, to Tuesday, 10/27/15, for all CD Fit classes.  We will weigh all participants at the beginning of class on the first and last day of the contest, so please arrive 10 minutes early for class. We would like to complete all weigh-ins within 10 to 15 minutes and before the start of class for that day.  Weigh-ins can only be conducted at your enrolled class with your assigned instructor, and on the specific days of the event.  Please dress light for both weigh-ins at the beginning and end of the event, and we ask that you wear the same gear for each weigh-in.  It's also a good idea to take a good before pic of yourself before the start of the contest, and another pic at the end of the contest.  This will help you to see the transformation which will give you even more motivation to continue on with your progress beyond this 21 day period. 

The contest is for members only of CD Fit, so trial guest (Groupon, Living Social, etc...) will need to join as a regular member before the start of the event on 10/6/15 to participate in the contest.  Contact me today if you are interested in joining as a member.  For first-time members who have never received a special offer after your trial we can waive the enrollment fee, and give you the 1st, 7th, and 13th months of membership free of charge if you join before 10/6/15.  This is the same special offer that we listed with your trial confirmation email, so now is the time to take advantage of the offer.

So, there you have it boot campers...this contest should prove to be more successful than last year's contest, and I look forward to see what you all will achieve.  The only thing you need to do to participate is...

1) Reply to this email to confirm your participation, and

2) Show up to your class to weigh-in with your instructor on the first and last days of the event. 
The instructors will then share all numbers with me on the first day and the last day of the event.  I will then calculate the totals, and announce the winners and percentage weight lost that weekend.

Now, for all of you that do not want to lose weight, we plan to setup a CD Fit Boot Camp Fitness Challenge in the future.  We do not have all the details for this event yet, but we are working on the concept now.  I am sure this event will prove to be even more exciting, and it will give all of you that are super-fit a chance to win some amazing prizes. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and we thank you in advance for your participation.


Clarence Duhart
CD Fit, llc

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