October 1, 2014

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Hello Boot Campers,

I want to share some information with you to help you with your eating plan.  Below are some resources that I, personally, use and follow, and I guarantee that you will have great success by following the guidance of this information.  Proper eating is the key to your fat loss success, and it is needed to build muscle and energy.  You can not out train a bad diet, so please focus on good clean eating along with the hard training that you do in class.  The information below will ensure your success, and I would like for each of you to start reading the book this week.

I also included some pics of members and trainers of CD Fit that follow this type of plan to show you what is possible for you.  You have the ability to completely transform your body if you will follow our lead.  Please use this information as guidance and our pics as inspiration and motivation to create the body that you want to achieve.  Set 1 to 4 year goals for yourself, come to class everyday, commit yourself to the CD Fit lifestyle for the next 3 to 4 years and allow us to help you to recreate you.  

I have been a professional trainer for over 20 years, and I know that this works.  Please allow me to help you to suceed by learning from my experience. A tight mid-section starts in the kitchen, but you first have to learn how to eat properly.  There are no short have to start eating correctly to look and feel better.  Do not make the mistake of thinking that you are already eating "good" and that you only need to train harder.  Training harder will make you a little more fit, but you will never be able to see any difference in the mirror. Plus, you will not be able to perform that much better if you do not learn to eat like an athlete.

If you are not motivated or disciplined enough to do it for yourself, then do it for your kids or love ones.  You can not give them what you don't have, and you can not teach them what you do not do yourself.  Use whatever it takes to discipline yourself to start eating properly and training consistently for the longterm.  The information below, especially, the book by Jackie Warner will make you into a new person.  Couple this information with our training classes and you will look, feel, and perform like you are 10 to 20 years younger.  This I promise you. CD

I.AthLean-X’s WHAT TO EAT TO BUILD LEAN MUSCLE (and reduce your bodyfat) - Click on video links below:

1) Breakfast

2) Lunch

3) Snacks

4) Dinner

Jackie Warner's bookThis Is Why You're Fat(and how to get thin forever)

Clarence Duhart,
Founder of CD Fit, LLC



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