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Bring a Friend to Class Day: All CD Fit Classes

Hello Boot Campers,

Many have asked for a day to bring a friend to class, so here you go.....

Once per month we have a set day for members to bring a friend to class to your enrolled class.  This one set day of the month is free to all first-time guest of CD Fit members, ages 18 and up, and below are the basic guidelines and dates.

NOTE: NO WALK-INS and FIRST TIME GUEST ONLY.... All guest must be registered and confirmed via email from Clarence Duhart, and must be accompanied by a registed member or current trial guest/member (Groupon or Living Social).

Tuesday - February 2, 2016

Tuessday - March 1, 2016

Tuesday - April 5, 2016

Tuesday - May 3, 2016

Tuesday - June 7, 2016

Tuesday - July 12, 2016

Tuesday - August 2, 2016

Tuesday - September 13, 2016

Tuesday - October 4, 2016

Tuesday - November 8, 2016

Tuesday - December 6, 2016


1) Please visit the Location page on our site for a list of available class locations and times.  Review the class schedule along with the class details listed below the schedule.

2) Send an email to Clarence Duhart at to confirm your participation for one of the dates listed above.  Please give your full name as listed on your state issued ID, class location/time, and day of attendance for one of the Bring a Friend to Class Days. (Note: Free class days can only be redeemed on one of the specific days listed with this announcement.  We can not allow any other days of attendance for free during the weekday classes.)  Please allow up to 24 to 48 hours to respond to your email request due to the high volume of daily emails, so the sooner you request to attend the better. Guest must be accompanied by a current member or trial guest/member. Please list the name of the member when sending your email request.  If a member is requesting the trial for a friend then please give us all of the above information for your guest including their email.

3) Once your email is received we will then send you an email to confirm your attendance.  Emails are sometimes blocked, so check your junk or spam folder if you have not received a confirmation email.

4) Once confirmed all guest/non-members will be required to bring a completed copy of the 2-page guest forms to class.   Please visit the Groupon page on our site to download the 2-page guest forms (step 3 on the Groupon page). You will need to show your state issued ID at the time you turn in your completed 2-page guest forms.

5) While on the Groupon page of the site please review all of the other requirements for class. Guest for the Bring A Friend to Class Day are not required to purchase a Groupon, but you will need to follow all of the other steps for attending class.  This page has everything listed that you will need for class (ie: weights, running shoes, gloves, water, etc...). 

6) Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to class to meet and greet your instructor and to review your guest forms.  If you have any major health concerns you will need a written medical clearance from your primary care physician and a consultation with Clarence Duhart before you can participate in class. 

7) First-time guest of CD Fit, only, who have never received a trial of the regular classes during the week.

So, there you go boot campers!  This is a great opportunity for you to bring a friend to class with you, and this is open to everyone age 18 and up.  I am sure your friends are bored out of your mind with the treadmill, crowded gyms, and Body Sculpt classes, so add some spice to their workout by having them join you for a real workout! :-)

Once again, NO WALK-INS....all guest must be confirmed and registered for these classes.  Please follow the 7 steps listed above to confirm your attendance.  The Bring A Friend to Class Days are only for the specific dates listed above, and we can NOT allow free class days on any other days of the month.  

For our first-time participants who have never received an extended trial, you are also welcome to try our program for a 2 Month Trial for $39 via Groupon, so check that page on our site for details.  The extended 2 Month Trial is for first-time participants only, and this free trial offer does not interfere with the extended trial offer via Groupon and Living Social. 

So, come on out and enjoy the fun!


Clarence Duhart
CD Fit, llc 

Refer a friend for a 2 Month Trial for $39 and receive a free month of membership for each referral once they join as a on-going member after their initial trial.  

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