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 March 2013

Nubia is the land of  civilization

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1. Letter from the editor

2.GOS !! No More Martyrs in Kajbar Again!!

3. Nubian Warriors! Are they Coming Back!!

4. Nubian Treasures Looted!!

5. Nubian Homes and Architectural Beauties.

6. Good News about Nubian Language in America.

7. Egypt's President Visits Sudan.

8. Baby Museums in Nubia.

9. Muslim Clerics Call for Destruction of Egyptian Pyramids!

Nubian Warriors! Are They Coming back!!

Nubian warriors were known as arch blowers and tough fighters. They stood against Arab and Muslim invasion  for over 700 years. Now the government of Sudan is threatening to wipe out Nubia by dams. On the other hand Kush Liberation Movement is challenging the government to retaliate.. Is Nubia going to resist dams by force?


Jewelry from Queen Amanishakheto’s pyramid in the cemetery at Meroë, taken by Giuseppe Ferlini. 

In the mid-19th century, Ferlini, an infamous treasure-hunter looted a number of the pyramids of Meroë by lopping off their tops. Unfortunately, dozens of these majestic and pristine Nubian pyramids can no longer be seen in their original state—due to the large amount of pillaging in a time of increasing European exploration of the area. 

Queen Amanishakheto’s golden cache is currently shared between the Egyptian Museums of Berlin and Munich. 

Do Nubians deserve to return their treasures back? and do they deserve reparation for looted treasures?

What can African nations do to protect this legacy from being destroyed??

What can African Americans do preserve their history and their roots??

Baby  Museums

In Nubia!

It is time to build 'Baby Museums' in Nubia to stop damming Nubia and encourage the in-flow of international tourism into Nubia as an alternative for dams.

The international museums hosting Nubian artifacts and monuments can help in our campaign to stop damming Nubia and destroying Nubian antiquities by building small museums in different parts of Nubia. The Sudan National Museum's collections are Nubian and they can be returned to their original places in Nubia and replicas can be made for the artifacts and monuments displayed in international museums.

We call upon all museums to help in this campaign,


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Egypt's Pyramids


The Algemenier:

July 11, 2012

Several Muslim clerics are calling for the destruction of Egypt’s Great Pyramids, FrontPage Magazine reported, citing Arabic media accounts.

Saudi Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabi’i said the pyramids are “symbols of paganism,” while Abd al-Letif al-Mahmoud—president of the National Unity in Bahrain, publicly requested that newly elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi “destroy the Pyramids.”

In Mali, the Associated Press reported that Islamic extremists on Monday decimated tombs as well as the gate of a 600-year-old mosque in the ancient city of Timbuktu.

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Letter from the Editor:

The government of Sudan is heading towards collision with Nubians against dams, On July 13, 2007 the security forces of the "Dams Emperor", Usama Abdalla opened fire on a peaceful Nubian protest killing 4 young Nubians and fatally injuring scores and up till now the government is hiding the killers and nobody was held accountable fir the killings nor they were brought to justice ever since in an open challenge to the Nubian organizations who demanded in several meetings with government officials to investigate into the matter and to bring the culprits to justice in vain!! Now the GOS is out for another confrontation with the Nubian protestors against dams. We call upon all peace loving nations, international organizations, African nations who are concerned about Nubia and the oldest African civilization to alert the international community to stop damming Nubia, relocating Nubians and selling their historically rich land to wealthy Arabs and Muslims who are looting the Nubian archaeological treasures. 

GOS!! No More Martyrs in Kajbar Again!!
Latest News from Diffoi
Nubia Project correspondent 

Local representatives of villages around Kajbar area meeting in Diffoi, Mahas against Kajbar dam on March 30, 2013

The representatives of the affected area by Kajbar dam and the Executive Committee to Resist Kajbar Dam have organized an emergency meeting on March 30, 2013 to discuss the latest development regarding the government plans to proceed in building Kajbar Dam. The Northern State Government officials stated openly last month that the government will proceed in building the dam. The representatives of Nubian affected villages and the Executive Committee reiterated their strong opposition to Kajbar Dam and warned from another confrontation between the peaceful demonstrations and the security forces.

On the other hand news coming from Nubia confirm that the government of Sudan is serious about building Kajbar dam on the third cataract in the heartland of Nubia. On July 16, 2007 the Nubians in Mahas area organized a peaceful demonstration against building a dam in Kajbar which will inundate a very important part of the Nubian land, and historically rich land. It is unfortunate that the government is building this dam just to generate hydroelectricity and add a new storage to the Egyptian water inside Sudan because Sudan has no any surplus water to use for agriculture and the current Sudan's quota will be shared with the newly born state of South Sudan. Officials of the Republic of South Sudan stated recently that they do not recognize the Nile Water Agreement signed between Sudan and Egypt in 1959.

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Nubian Houses and Architectural Beauty

Thousands of Nubian homes, known with their unique architectural designs were submerged by Aswan Dam and the High Dam of Egypt in early 1900's and 1960's and more are subjected to damming by the dams of Kajbar, Dal and El-Shiraik which will wipe out the Nubian antiquities and architecture.

We hope that UNESCO and the World Monument Watch Fund and alike organizations and friends of Nubia make an international campaign to save Nubia from damming. It is a moral obligation for the international community to safeguard this unique culture and the Nubian archaeological sites which belong to humanity as one of the oldest international heritage.




Nubian Houses with colorful gates and walls .

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Good News about Nubian Language in America

The old Nubian Language


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A prominent African American academician expressed his support and willingness to include Nubian language in the curriculum of a reputed American university during this coming summer. If this project is approved then the Nubian language will finally find a room among other African languages for the first time in America.

The Nubian language which was only spoken and not written by millions of Nubians in Egypt and Sudan for will emerge again like the phoenix from its ashes after  centuries of negligence and marginalization in oblivion it was rewritten in 1979 by the Egyptian Nubian Archaeologist and linguist Mukhtar Khalil Kabbara and Nubians started learning and writing in their own language after being abandoned and deserted for centuries due to Arabization and cultural cleansing.

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 Egypt's President visits Sudan while Sudan's Halaib Triangle is under Egyptian military occupation!


Egyptian President Morsi and Sudan's Elbashir in Khartoum on April 4,2013

The Sudanese President gave a gift of 2 million hectares to his guest instead of asking him to withdraw his armed forces from the occupied Halaib Triangle!!

The details of the meeting were not disclosed but there are indications that the two leaders have discussed the implementation of the Four Freedoms Agreements which allow resettlement of millions of Egyptians in Sudan and the dams in Nubia.




The Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi Al-Ayat paid a short visit to Sudan this week. Following the arrival of Muslim Brothers of Egypt to power through a controversial democratic election and the arrival of Islamists to power in Tunisia and Libya, leaders of the International Muslim Brotherhood are organizing themselves to forge a greater Islamic block to dominate Africa and the Middle East region. If they succeed in bringing change in the Arabian Peninsula and control the oil wealth, their grand strategy to form a formidable Islamic (Sunni) block or empire will become a reality. Sudan will be their ideal spring board to jump and change the political map of Africa and the fragile states such as Chad, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Algeria etc will collapse into their hands paving the way for a huge empire extending from the Red Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and from Alexandria to the Lakes in the heartland of Africa. This will be a real nightmare for the international peace and security.

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