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January 2014

Stop Damming and Arabization of Nubia, the Land of Civilization

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1. From the Editor
2. Petition to the Free World
3.The International Campaign to Save Nubia - May 2007

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Nubian News 

  Gold Mine in Nubia Collapses:

The bulletin got sad news about a private gold mine that collapsed west of Abraga, Nubia in Ashimaliya State killing more than 12 and injuring many while unknown numbers  are still trapped inside the mine. There are no safety regulations controlling the private mining business. Many gold seekers got killed in similar incidents and many lost their ways in the deserts and died from thirst. The government of Sudan allowed individuals and private companies to excavate for gold without any rules regulating this business. There are reports of antiques being surfaced and smuggled to Egypt. 

Underground Water Threatens Nubian Antiquities:

Dr. Abdelrahman Ali Mohamed, Director of Sudan National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM) was quoted saying in a lecture he delivered at Elrasheed Diyab Arts Center that the Sudanese antiquities and archaeological sites in Meowe, Elberkal and Kerma are facing an eminent threat from the rising underground water level due to the side effects of Meowe Dam. We draw the attention of the UNESCO and the international community to the fact that hundreds of houses in Elburgaig area began to collapse from the effect of the underground water.

This is an a very urgent whistle blowing.


Please circulate this bulletin among your friends and colleagues and spraed the word about the dangers facing Nubia.

From the Editor:

A letter to the international community on the International Mother Language Day


This issue comesto you while the international community is preparing to celebrate the International Mother Language Day on February 21st, 2014 therefore Nubia Bulletin will dedicate this issue for the eminent threats of damming, Arabization and cultural cleansing in Nubia. These are the daunting issues to the Nubians. The threat of damming Nubia comes first now because of the time factor and the urgency of the matter, though Nubia has been circumvented, isolated and marginalized for centuries. We made many efforts to save Nubia from destruction by dams, Arabization, marginalization and neglet by successive governments in Sudan and Egypt. Unfortunately our attempts made no fruition despite all our contacts and letters to different organizations asking them to help stop destroying Nubia in Sudan by dams as a priority for the Nubians now because if Nubia is submerged by the proposed and underway dams in kajbar, Dal and Elsheraik, everything will be gone and there will be nothing to save. Nubians are struggling alone and nobody is helping them to stop these dangerous dams which will wipe out Nubia from the face of the earth. The Whole world will be a part of this crime against humanity and annihlation of Nubia with its invaluable human heritage.

The issue of Arabizing Nubia is also an urgent matter and it comes second in the priority to the damming of Nubia. Now the world is going to celebrate The International Mother Language Day on February 21, 2014 while the oldest written language in Africa, the Nubia language, is threatend by Arabization and cultural cleansing in Sudan and Egypt! We call upon UN and UNESCO, the academicians, archaeologists, historians, anthropologists, linguists and all relevant international organizations to help in saving the Nubian language from extrimination. If you care about Nubia, please sign the petition and urge UNESCO and your representatives to stop the catastrophe before it wipes out Nubia.

The well-known British historian Basil Davidson described Meroe (Nubia) as one of the largest archeological sites in the world. The paradox is: Those sites are now threatend by the fanatic Islamists and radical Arabs who are building dams with the help of Communist China to destroy Nubia. We ask again: Where are the archaeologists? Where are the historians? Where are the Africans? Where are the African Americans? Where are the Congressional Black Caucus members? Where are the international museums hosting Nubian artifacts and monuments? Where is UNESCO? It is shameful to keep silent while this cultural genocide is taking place under the watch of the civilized world!! When we give up our heritage to our enemy then our enemy will inslave us and destroy us.

Very Urgent
Petition To the Free World to Save Nubian Language from Arabization and Cultural Cleansing
Please click on the link below to sign on this petition:
Save Nubian Language from Arabization and Cultural Cleansing

The International Campaign to Save Nubia

On May 14, 2007 we launched this campaign and just after one month from that date the Nubians in Sudan organized a peaceful demonstration near the site of the proposed Kajbar Dam on June 13, 2007. The security forces oppened fire killing 4 young demonstrators and left 19 others seriousely enjured. The Nubians are demanding that killers be held accountable but the government kept protecting them ever since.

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