"To live well and love well, we must open to what we are given until it wears us through to Wonder and Joy."  gavin

July News

Dear friends,
There is nothing like a six-month sabbatical/retreat to soberly open one's eyes to the world around me. As this time of inwardness draws to a conclusion, the flashpoints around our beautiful planet appear to increase and get more complicated every day — from the Ukraine and Russia to Iraq, Syria to Nigeria and Uganda. And then of course the unimaginable numbers of refugees and victims of violence caught within the crossfire of circumstance everywhere. Perhaps for you, certainly for me, it feels more important than ever to turn inward, to feel the interconnectedness and know and heal the forces within that mirror what is happening outside. Silence, contemplation, radical self-affection and telling the truth to ourselves is, for me and perhaps for you too, a trustworthy first response to suffering, before we move out into the world to make a difference.

Let's join our hearts and hands, in community, and celebrate our interconnectedness on the upcoming Independence Day weekend— Walking in the Wild together this coming Saturday, July 5 and at the Waimea Meditation Group on Sunday, July 6. You may wish to mark your calendar — A one-day silent meditation retreat in Puna  is scheduled for Saturday, August 9, and titled "Awakening to Joy." 

Our Teaching Community Blog continues to be active while the Petals and Blood Blog has regular weekly posts. The June, 2014 talk at the meditation group in Waimea titled "Ancient Agony/Uninhibited Love" has been uploaded to the Library of Talks and is available for listening and download.

I look forward to the possibility of our paths crossing this month, and perhaps adventuring to the heart of things together. What else makes any sense!

Meke aloha pauole a hui hou. 
I wish you well in every way.

Walking in the Wild — The Monthly Walking/Hiking Meditation
Please join together in community for a morning of deep silence, alone and together, in nature, this coming Saturday July 5, 2014 in North Kohala, from 8:30 AM to 10 AM. Refreshments will be served afterwards. 

Liberation into Love —The  Monthly Waimea  Meditation Group
Please join  together in community this coming weekend, Sunday July 6, 2014, for three hours of quiet, meditation, and our continuing monthly exploration of different aspects of Awakening.

Awakening to Joy — a one day silent meditation retreat in Poona on Saturday, July 9, 2014

Gavin gratefully accept gifts at retreats, meditation groups and poetry events. This is how he covers his living expenses.

Spiritual Mentoring with Gavin, in person or over the phone:
"We live in a busy world with many distractions. It can be a challenge to stay grounded and connected with one's deepest yearning--to live one's spiritual truth within every corridor of this precious human life. Spiritual Mentoring is a relationship of support, serving the possibility of deeply resting within, and living from, one's true nature, in its richness and beauty."

For more information about Spiritual Mentoring, please email Gavin directly.


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