Sept 2013
A few weeks in...
Now that the jitters of the first few weeks of school are over, we hope everyone (teachers and students) are settling in to the new routine. Once the basic rules of the classroom have been established (especially grace & courtesy),  it's time to delve into exploration of the materials. Visit our website for information and articles that will help get your new school year off to a great start.

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Material Making

Material making doesn't need to be a nightmare. It can be time consuming, but you'll learn so much more about the materials by preparing them yourself. We make the material making process easier by offering affordable files that you can print and laminate yourself.

It really is as easy as
Click, Print, Teach!

Tip #1

Have all your supplies at hand: cardstock, laminator, scissors, glue stick (never use white craft glue when laminating), color-coding items (ie. sharpies, dot stickers).

Tip #2
Plan on making similar items at the same time. You'll get into a nice rhythm and your materials will have a professional, finished look to them.

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New Materials

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We have NEW Nomenclature Cards and Books available for various types of cells & roots:
  • animal cell
  • bacterial cell
  • plant cell
  • dicot root
  • monocot root
Not sure how to use Montessori Nomenclature?

Moveable Alphabet

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Does your materials budget have some constraints? This tutorial will show you how to make a printed Moveable Alphabet. To make the process easier, we offer it in Print and Cursive, with a variety of additional colors available for phonogram work.

Help your parents

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Children who attend their local Montessori school can really benefit from parents who understand and follow the Montessori philosophy at home. Help parents learn how to bring Montessori concepts into their home without all the required Montessori materials. It can make a big difference to the children and may help normalize your classroom.

Pink Blue Green Series

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Sinking under a pile of Pink Blue and Green Series cards? Don't panic!! We have a great storage & space saver solution for you. All it takes is 3 large hardware towers and some color-coded baskets. Learn how easy it is to store this entire series AND we offer the storage labels for free. So go take a look - your students will appreciate how easy it is to use.
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