Canadian Gymnastics Week takes place February 7-14.

Happy Family Day to all Wings families!!!
Club Calendar to come in the next week with important dates for this session.

The week-long event raises awareness about the health and social benefits from participating in the foundation sport of gymnastics. With an ever increasing rate of child obesity and the health risks associated with this trend, raising awareness around the benefits of gymnastics is essential.


Gymnastics BC Colouring Contest

Need something to do on the rainy weekend...
Gymnastics BC is holding a provincial colouring contest featuring the PLAY mascots Sammy, Zippy and Marley as they play in the gym.  

There are three age categories:    

  • 0-6 years
  • 7-11 years
  • 12+ years
The sheet is attached to this email. Please hand in by February 17 and 19, 2015 to Carol or your coach.

On February 10 and 12 - we will celebrate this special week our Annual Handstand Contest - coaches included. Any parents wishing to participate? On this day, parent viewing will be permitted.

Hedy will also be coming with bodysuits and shorts. She will help your gymnast get fitted for a new Spring training suit.

We are also doing a swap meet for competitive and interclub suits  - parents if you have suits you wish to sell or swap, you must come in person to the table. Please do not leave with Carol - she will not know what to do with your suits. Wll discuss with Jessica and Kerry times and look out for details via competitive email.

Some good advice for parents to be shared!

Thank you!!

downloadlink   2015GBCColouringContest.pdf ( 359K) 

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