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E-Bulletin #5: October 30, 2014
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2014 -2015 Wings Board of Directors  

Thank you to everyone who attended our small AGM on Tuesday, October 28, 2014.

Please meet our 2014 – 2015 Wings Board of Directors.
Thank you to them all for stepping forward to volunteer on behalf of all the families so that we may continue to run a good program in the community. 
All board members can be contacted via our club email, for any questions, concerns or feedback.

Club President:  Doug Wournell (Gymnastics BC -Privacy and Harrassment Officer) 
Immediate Past President: Darren Nicholls
Vice-President:   Wendy Wakabayashi 
Secretary: Cheryl Roehl
Treasurer: Vacant
Safety and Equipment Officer:   Irene Rimar 
Competitive/Interclub Team Liaison:  Vacant
Honourary Member-at-Large: Helga Ovington, Carolyn Crooks

Club Administrator: Carol Morris -
Heach Coach:  Jessica DiTomaso -

We would like to say THANK YOU to Carolyn Crooks for her role for many years as Club Treasurer. She has now moved on to become a club Member-at-Large and is willing to assist a new parent volunteer wishing to step forward to assume the now vacant position on the board. If you would like to step forward to find out more about helping the club in this capacity, please let us know.
Carolyn has prepared a summary of duties - the volunteer commitment is nominal:
Review monthly balance sheet and income statements prepared by club administrator.
Be available to sign cheques as the treasurer is one of 4 signing authorities for the club.
Attend monthly board meetings
Assist Club Administrator in preparation of budget for annual gaming grant application (occurs sometime between April and June)
Prepare AGM Financials and budget with assistance from club administrator. (October)
Monthly time commitment approximately 3 hours including board meeting.

From the City of Burnaby...
For safety reasons, please do not drop off your children at the door and block the traffic. We recommend that you please park and walk your children into the gym. Please do what it takes for a safe drop-off and pick-up for not just your own children but for all wings gymnasts. The city thanks you for your cooperation. If you have a Youth gymnast (10+), confirm with us that they are allowed to go out on their own. If you are sending an older sibling to pick up also let us know.

Parent Viewing Days and Door Congestion...
We would like to remind parents once again that parent viewing days are on the last Tuesday/Thursday of each month. We have this policy not to prevent you from seeing your children in action but for safety reasons. We want to prevent as much distraction as possible for the gymnasts - sometimes they are up on beams and bars.Parents sitting, moving back and forth with younger siblings poses a great hazard. This is also a public facility and we have patrons also moving through the gym getting to the tennis courts - when there are many people going to and fro it makes it very difficult for coaches and kids. Sometimes requests are made for out-of-town grandparents - certainly we are open to requests.
If you see that the gym door is closed please do not go in. The doors will be open when parents are ready to go in. If you need to pick up your child earlier please let us know in advance before heading in. I do monitor the door from where I am and I have seen parents just ignore the close doors and continue to go in and out. The coaches have a schedule and we time rotations so we do know when we can safely have parents come in and kids to leave.
We are trying to work out a better transition plan between Active Start and the rest of the club coming in at 6:30 p.m. if at all possible help us alleviate the congestion at the door - there is no rush to get the kids in the gym if we can let the Active Start kids safely leave. We will be working with the City of Burnaby and hope that all parents will cooperate with us in the near future. Please use your gym bags to store all personal belongings on the floor.

From coaches...
Please do have your children go to the bathroom before gymnastics if at possible. If they have to use the bathroom, we need them to please PUT THEIR SHOES on!! We will be nagging and reminding them to do so. They will also need to go with a buddy if they are 9 and younger, if possible, we would prefer them to always go with a buddy regardless of their age. They need to let their coach know before they go anywhere at all times.  We do monitor  the comings and goings and will " hurry " the kids out of the bathroom if they seem to be spending too much time in there.   

We hope the gymnasts enjoyed Halloween at Wings this year as we brought back our pumpkin bowling tradition. Here are some tips from your community health nurse for a fun and safe Halloween tomorrow night:

How to make your costume safe?

  • Make sure that drivers can see your child.  Use costumes with reflective tape and give each child a flashlight.
  • Costumes should be made with fire resistant material—check the label.
  • Make sure your child can see.  Use face paint instead of masks.  Tie hats, wigs, or scarves securely so that they won’t slip over your child’s eyes.
  • To prevent falling, costumes should not be longer than your child’s ankle and shoes should fit properly.

How to make trick or treating safe?

  • Children should stay in well lit areas and only visit homes that have their outside lights turned on.  Children should not go inside any house.
  • Before your children eat their candy, make sure you examine it. Throw out any candy that has small holes in the wrappers or torn or loose packages.  Cut all fruit open before your children eat it.  Throw out any treats that are not wrapped.
  • An adult should supervise children under 9 years of age; children over 9 years of age who are not with an adult should be with a group of older, responsible children.
  • If you are driving on Halloween night, please be extra careful.  Children are excited at Halloween and may forget some of the safety rules.

Next E-Bulletin will have FUNASTICS information! Remember to adjust your clocks this weekend.
There will be NO gymnastics on Remembrance Day, November 11. 

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