Welcome  to Wings 2014 - 2015  season 
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One more week and we are back in the gym...

We are very excited about this season and we welcome all our families new and old to Wings! 

We are FULL in all our programs - we continue to maintain the wait list, and will only remove names upon request or when a spot is offered. Please apologize to family and friends still waiting to join us.

If this is sent to you in error, please unsubscribe yourself from receiving any future mailings. If you have friends you know who are CONFIRMED REGISTERED with us, please remind them to go to www.wingsgymnastics.com and subscribe to receive all the updates and other club information.

We have most of our groups organized but changes will still take place for the next month or so until everyone is settled in. Basic house rules will be sent out to all gymnasts this month. We believe in good communication between our parents and coaches - please make sure you address your concerns immediately before any situation becomes an issue.
We do want to hear from you, so do let us know what we can do  to settle your child into their fall routine. 

All club correspondence will be coming to you by email. Please make sure you don't lose us into your spam folder.
These e-bulletins will come out on a regular basis and will also include notes from coaches, upcoming events etc.
 If you have any questions, we would like to hear from you via email as well.

We can also be found on Facebook www.facebook.com  and on Twitter if you search for us – there is Wings Gymnastics as an organization and also an alumni fan page.
Our club website at www.wingsgymnastics.com

Leaving a voicemail is not recommended as messages get deleted or not saved.
Text us or WhatsApp us at 778.996.9464 or email any of our club email addresses:

You can reach me directly at carol@wingsgymnastics.com or
our Head Coach, Jessica Di Tomaso at jessica@wingsgymnastics.com

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The 2014 - 2015  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) of WINGS GYMNASTICS SOCIETY shall take place on Tuesday, October 14 , 2014. 
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting (the “Meeting”) of the members of WINGS GYMNASTICS SOCIETY will be held in the Cedar Room. at the Cameron Rec. Centre on Tuesday, October 14 , 2014.  at 6:30 p.m.  for the following purposes:
To receive the financial statements of the Organization for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2014  and the report of the directors thereon;
To elect directors to hold office for one-year terms until the close of the  2014 annual general meeting;
To transact such further or other business as may properly come before the Meeting or any adjournment thereof.
DATED at Burnaby, British Columbia, this 2nd of September 2014
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Fee Worksheet Attached!
Please prepare your fee payment to be handed in next week. This Fee worksheet should assist you if you would like to have this done ahead of time. If you have any questions or need help - speak to me at the gym next week or email carol@wingsgymnastics.com (do not call on the phone - not reliable)

Gymnastics BC Form Attached!
Please fill in the yellow highlighted areas and sign. We will fill out the middle section for you.
Important Dates:

9 First Tuesday Work-out
11 First Thursday Work-out
16 Hedy - Bodysuit Sale
18 Hedy - Bodysuit Sale

13    Thanksgiving Day
14     Annual General Meeting
28    Tuesday Halloween
20    Thursday Halloween 
11      Remembrance Day
18     Tuesday FUNASTICS
20     Thursday FUNASTICS
(details to come in future e-bulletins)
16     Last Tues Work-out before Christmas Break
18    Last Thurs Work-out before Christmas Break

6     Tues Back in the Gym after Christmas Break
8    Thurs Back in the Gym after Christmas Break

 In the event of inclement weather - we will post on our Facebook and if we have access to our website we will also update there as well as notify the Cameron Sports Desk by 2:00 p.m. of the snowy day!

10% of all sales goes to Wings - Thank you for supporting the club!
Hedy Pinter will onsite in the Sportshall Lobby on September 16 & 18 with bodysuits for sale.



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