E-Bulletin: May 27, 2015

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9 Tuesday Year End Family Viewing
11 Thursday Year End Family Viewing
16 Last Tuesday before Summer Break
18 Last Thursday before Summer Break

15 Deadline for Returning Members to re-register for September 2015

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We encourage you to join our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Wings-Gymnastics-Society/191630029284 and follow us on Twitter.


On Tuesday, May 26, we conducted an Emergency Preparedness drill with all the coaches and the gymnasts. This is all part of our plan to be prepared in the event of a situation that requires us to evacuate the facility and to keep all our gymnasts safe.

We will be conducting this again tomorrow, Thursday, May 28. The gymnasts will be informed that we are doing a drill and we want to make sure that they feel comfortable with the process.

We appreciate your feedback and input - and we ask that when you re-register that you provide us with all the data that we need to ensure that we have your most updated information. With our new system, you will always be a tablet/smartphone away from us. We will be able to call, text, message or email you promptly.

In the next e-bulletin we will have detailed information about June 9 & 11 - Our Special Year End Family Viewing day. In light of our 35th Anniversary, we will have some special awards/presentations that will take place on Thursday, June 11. For those who come on Tuesday only, we will provide more details if you want to pop in for that part of the celebration - hopefully we will youtube  and post on our Facebook for all to view.

If you have not received your photos by email, please send a request to photos@wingsgymnastics.com. So many emails have bounced back so we may have gotten them wrong. Coach/Photographer Jake will assist you.

We will have the group photos on our Facebook album soon.

As we wrap up this year...stay tuned to your e-bulletins or Facebook updates.

If you have any photos from the past 35 years, please email them to us: carol@wingsgymnastics.com

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Carol                       carol@wingsgymnastics.com
Jessica                   jessica@wingsgymnastics.com 
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