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Kiki Wellington
in March 2015?

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Lust: A feast for the senses

Everyone says that sex is like pizza: Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. I tend to agree. I’ve had a lot of pizza in my time and even the frozen ones—though they may need to be spruced up with red hot pepper flakes, garlic, and additional cheese—are still enjoyable to me. But when pizza is really made well, it’s a complete party in your mouth, it looks like food porn, and it smells divine.

Sex is much the same way: Although mediocre sex may get you over that hump of horniness in the heat of the moment, you probably won’t remember it too fondly—if you ever bother to think about it at all. But when sex turns on all the senses, you could almost relive the explosion of orgasm just by fantasizing about it.

And it’s that sensual experience that inspired me to write The Sensing Lust Series. Every story focuses on one of the senses—and how my characters use that sensory stimulation to get off.

My latest story, The Decoy, also relies on the senses. Not only does Lizzie use all of her faculties to enjoy carnal pleasures, she also keeps her eyes and ears open to expose cheaters in the act.

Want to experience all the sights and sounds of these erotic stories? Get Sensing Lust (The Complete Series) on sale until the end of the month. Also, The Decoy is available at no charge until this Thursday.

May you feel the lust in every sensual way possible....

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