April 1, 2014 - No. 28


An article I authored, with 7 photographs (including 2 full page photographs) was published in the recently issued Spring edition of Nature Photographer magazine called “Wild "Wild" Turkeys”.  If you’re interested in obtaining a copy, the magazine can be purchased at most major bookstores or click here on Nature Photographer.Photographs of Wild Turkeys may also be viewed on my website in the catagory Birds.. catagory.

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                                                        Spring At Last

                                    Featured Photograph No. 1

                               Male North American Cardinal

For many it’s been an “old fashion winter” with lots of snow and sub zero temperatures.  When writing this month’s Newsletter in Northern Indiana, I was just starting to see a few welcomed signs of spring.  Although the North American Cardinal (“the Cardinal”) isn’t a migratory bird, and therefore not a 1st sign of spring, I thought this month’s Featured Photographs of this beautiful song bird in flowering trees would provide a clear picture of what’s to come.


The North American Cardinal (often called the Common Cardinal and sometimes referred to as the redbird) is found in southern Canada, throughout the eastern United States from Maine to Texas and south through Mexico.  No matter where you live, the Cardinal is one of the most recognizable birds.  Both the male and female have a distinctive crest on their heads and a mask on their face.  Their popularity is evidenced by seven states having named them as their official state bird. 


Although the male is vibrant red, and pretty much stays that way year-round, the female also has beautiful color markings.


Some Interesting Facts and Observations:


1)   The color of both the male and female is key to finding a mate - - the brighter, the more success.


2)   A pair of Cardinals has a clutch of 3 to 4 eggs and has from 2 to 4 clutches each year.


3)   Their name comes from the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church who wear distinctive robes and caps.


4)   The Cardinal is a territorial bird marking its territory with its songs.  Its songs are learned and are not necessarily the same from one region to the next.


5)   The oldest banded Cardinal in the wild was known to live 15 years and 9 months.


6)   Although you will see Cardinals feeding throughout the day, they’re one of the first birds feeding in the morning and last birds feeding at night.

                                         Featured Photograph No. 2                                               
                                  Female North American Cardinal                                                 
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