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Please plan on joining us for the 2014 Tennessee Open State Championship on 
Saturday, August 30 and Sunday, August 31, 2014. We are very grateful to Volkswagen Chattanooga for hosting this year's event.  The TCA Annual Membership Meeting will be Sunday at 1:00pm, Eastern Time Zone.  For full details, please visit

Individuals interested in learning and playing the game of chess, can participate Saturday, September 6,  2014, from 9:00 am till 2:00 pm at 504 Market Street ( Krutch Park) in downtown Knoxville, TN. This is the first annual Chess in the Park, sponsored by the City of Knoxville Special Events, an event for non- scholastic chess players.  Don't miss the opportunity to observe, learn, and play your hand at chess.  There will be workshops, demonstrations, and give- aways to families participating.  Are you a player looking for a pick-up game or a parent that wants your child to develop confidence, analytical skills or learn how to get a chess club started at your school?  Again, you won't want to miss this free opportunity to ask expert chess instructors and players what it takes to excell in chess and have loads of fun playing your friends and colleagues. 
For more information about this event contact:
Michael O. Moore

Our Scholastic Chessplayers represented Tennessee well at the Nationals events last spring.  
In May, at the 2014 National Elementary Championship in Dallas, these TN players had notable successes:

K-1 Championship (307 players)
Fuller Hessel tied 3rd, placed 11th
Aatish Satheesh placed 15th

K-3 Championship (259 players)  
Logan Wu placed 18th
Tanish Kothapalle placed 24th

K-3 U800 (318 players)
Buren Bradley placed 22nd

K-5 U900 (371 players)
Adam Wang placed 17th

K-6 U1000 (238 players)
Antonio Villarreal placed 17th

K-6 Championship (196 players)
Joshua Campbell placed 29th

In April, at the 2014 National Junior High Championship, an event with almost 1300 players, these TN players made the top 25:

K-8 U750 (355players)
Anand Viswanathan placed 6th
Jose Miranda placed 11th
Robert Kassees placed 16th
Logan Ogle placed 19th

K-9 Championship (138 players)
Lucas Pao placed 20th

K-9 U1250 (212 players)
Suhas Gummadi placed 3rd
Morgan Elrod-Erickson placed 6th
Chirath Illukpitya placed 12th
Hemi Rambha placed 14th
Jesus Miranda placed 15th
Russell Harper placed 18th
Hunter Underwood placed 24th
Pranav Mudiam placed 28th
Central Magnet School 1st place team

Congratulations to all these TN scholastic players! 

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  Vice President-  Paul Semmes
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  Treasurer-  Angela McElrath-Prosser
  Scholastic Coordinator-  Harry Sabine 
  Internet Coordinator-  Karoly Mirnics
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Chess Puzzle

White to move, Mate in 3

From Staunton-Horwitz 1846

Head over to our website to view TN Chessplayer games.  This edition of What A Game features Luke Weishaar, winner of a four year scholarship to Tennessee Tech University from the TN State Team Championship. 

Upcoming Events

8-30-14 - 8-31-14  Tennessee Open 
Chattanooga, TN

Chess in the Park
Knoxville, TN

Girl Power Tournament & Chess Camp
Hutchinson Academy
Memphis, TN

Shelby County Back to School Tournament
Lausanne Collegiate School
Memphis, TN

 Cumberland County 
Fall Open

Crossville, TN 

East TN Scholastic
Fall Open

Milligan College, TN

Nashville Predators
Chess Day

Nashville, TN

1-17-15 - 1-18-15
Tennessee Winter Open
Henry Horton State Park

Individual Scholastic State Championship Qualifiers

Team Scholastic State Championship Qualifiers

For more events: 


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