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June 2012 BrainBuzz
 The premier performance of the Princess Shayna Musical was  remarkable and memorable for the cast members from Trilogy School of Performing Arts, their director Kim Kass Woycke, myself, and all our families and friends!

“My granddaughter and I had a delightful afternoon watching the play. The boys and girls did such a wonderful job of creating the musical, learning all their lines, and performing with enthusiasm. The lessons of Princess Shayna’s journey are life lessons they are lucky to be expressing in such a creative way now and carrying with them forever.” Diane Wollney, audience member

You can read the more about the performance in the Lake Zurich/Sun Times Newspaper- Author’s Book Is Made Into A Musical article.

Image 1

Queen Sylvia and Princess Shayna
June 1948
After the performance, the young man who played King Alexander gave me a big hug and said,
"I am so sad this is over!" I told him we were both sad because we loved watching the musical come to life!

My appreciation to each cast member and Kim is “more than tongue can tell”. They all embraced and embodied the essence of book and created their own Kingdom of Kindness within their relationships, rehearsals, and performance.

It has been pleasure and privilege to watch the cast and Kim develop my family fairy tale into a remarkable musical performance, including extraordinary original songs and music. I am in awe of everyone’s “Praiseworthy Gifts”, talent, and collaboration. The beautiful, joyful, and respectful interpretation of my book has made the 1st dream for Princess Shayna a reality! Rimsiyavyo!!

 Nancy Ossmann (Sigi the Wizard's and King Alexander's mother), who was organized a raffle at the performance, raise $200.00 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Nancey sent me an email after the performance telling me that Chase Bank, her sister Karen Krozak's employer, found out about our raffle and generously donated $150.00! All together the raffle raised $350!! 

Please, Put Your Thinking Caps on to Connect the Dots & Help Me!
Since the performance, family members and friends have encouraged and delighted me with contact information for other performing arts schools, musical theaters, theater camps, and middle school and high school theater classes.

Some adults suggested a Broadway production, and many children suggested an animated feature film. I love those ideas
and my Blue Creative Brain is open to everyone's suggestions.

The fictional Princess Shayna was able to completed her Vision Quest successfully with the help of a all the Villagers in the Kingdom of Kindness. The non-fictional Princess Shayna needs your help to share the  Princess Shayna Musical with as many children, families, schools and communities as possible! 

We all are familiar "6 Degrees of Separation", "Think Outside the Box" and "Connecting the Dots"  

Image 2

I do not know who you know, work with, or are related to. But you do! 
Please, put your Thinking Caps on and
  send the name and contact information of any one or any opportunity you can think to my email:!
Happy Father's Day & Brain Color Gift Ideas

There is a fascinating history and legends about the Father's Day Celebration. However, Father's Day can be a joyful or sad celebration depending on your relationship and circumstances. I have been blessed three remarkable fathers in my life. My husband Jordan, is an Orange Brainer, my father, Alexander I. Newman, was a Green Brainer, and my father-in-law, Joseph Glazov was a Blue Brainer. I love them all more than tongue can tell, and I am grateful for their love, encouragement, and generosity. I am the woman, wife, mother, and grandmother I am today because of the invaluable life lessons my husband and my fathers taught me! 

Below are four scenarios to help you decipher your Father's Brain Colors:


Do you bicker with your bossy Yellow Brain Father when he gives you instructions about how you should save your money, organize your life, and become a more responsible person? 

Does your hypersensitive Blue Brain Father drive you crazy because he and his “soap opera” life require daily attention or he constantly needs to know what’s going on in your life? 

Are you puzzled when your intellectual Green Brain Father expresses his lofty expectations for your career or education, but never talks about or demonstrates his feelings for you?    

Is your Orange Brain Father an energetic “Disneyland Dad,” but never can be counted on to be available or on time when you need sensible assistance or practical advice?

Green Brain and Yellow Brain fathers and children appreciate one another’s sense of loyalty, practicality and logic, while Blue Brain and Orange Brain fathers and children value each other’s need for originality, sincerity and excitement.

It's not surprising that the voracious readers in my family always enjoyed receiving books. If you feel stumped about what to give your father(s) you might find the following list of types of books helpful:

Yellow Brain Books: History, Business & Religion

Blue Brain Books: Biographies,Self-help & Inspiration

Green Brain Books: Technology, Mysteries & Crossword puzzles or other word games

Orange Brain Books: Sports, Adventure & How to...

Remember, how you see your father's Brain Colors may not be how he see his own Brain Colors. If you are not sure, you can also purchase gift a card and let "The Dad of the Day" make his own selection.

Best Wishes for a Fun and Relaxing Father's Day Celebration!


Catching Butterflies

Life is presenting copious new and exciting opportunities. I am eagerly preparing my net to catch all the Orange Brain butterflies that are darting about my head and dancing around my calendar. I'm looking forward to sharing more details about my opportunities very soon.

I am always delighted to receive new and follow-up requests for What Color Is Your Brain?® Programs. Please, call me at 847.526.9039 or email me at if you would like me to customize a program for you and your organization.

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Thank you, Sheila






Creative Problem Solving Skills


Carefully blend equal amounts of all ingredients.

Let self-esteem rise in a warm and trustworthy environment.

Fold in lots of love and sprinkle with pride.

Generously share with some one you care about* daily.


Makes one healthy and happy individual.


*may substitute your child, loved one, sibling, spouse,

parent, student, friend, neighbor, colleague, etc.