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July 2012 BrainBuzz Newsletter
Deer, you are annoy me!
Please, read the title carefully. I am not referring to my "Dear" husband. The reference is to the "Deer" who had been eating my roses and tomato plants. This intruder, who I photographed in my perennial garden, only 5 feet from my office window, fit the definition of Annoy perfectly:
1. To disturb or irritate especially by repeated acts
2. To harass especially by quick brief attacks

We all have experienced people, places, things and animals that annoy us. I got to thinking about how this idea relates to the four Brain Colors personalities. In Chapter 7, "Your Romantic Relationships", in What Color Is Your Brain?®, I offer ideas about each Brain Color when they become annoyed with their partner.

Image 1

Annoying Intruder
Below are clues to help you understand what generally annoys each of the 4 Brain Colors:

Yellow Brainers are annoyed when their rules
are not followed and people are not dependable.
Blue Brainers are annoyed if people restrict their creativity and dismiss their sensitive feelings

Green Brainers
are annoyed when their privacy is not respected and their solitude is disturbed.

 Orange Brainers are annoyed if their fun is restricted and they are told "You are acting like a child!"

The "Deer" intruder no longer annoys me, and my tomato plants and roses are blooming. My Green Brain solved the problem by sprinkling moth balls around my roses and the perimeter of my tomato plant bed. It smells like my grandmother's closet, but it works!
Get Organized Anytime!
This summer one of my goals was to be more organized about my time and tasks. I am so excited about the latest update Deluxe Version14 of the Individual Software Anytime Organizer, I had to share the information. I purchased my first Anytime Organizer about 15 years ago. Recently my Green Brain researched other options, but nothing compared to this product's exceptional organizing options (post notes, alarms, filters, notebook pages), the outstanding customer service, and unique option to Brain Color Code my tasks, calendar and contacts.

The Anytime Organizer is easy to use, and Matt, Joe, and Jerry have always offered me quintessential customer service. In fact, Matt scheduled a time to call and help me install the updated program. Matt has know me for so long that he knew my linking to my iPhone would be problematic for my Blue Brain. I was most grateful for his assistance! I love the convenience of having all my data on my computer and iPhone!

Image 2

It is most helpful and efficient having the Brain Color Coding for my professional and personal life all in on place:
Yellow/Green: Bill payments
Bright Blue: Family and Friends
Green: Clients Programs and Business Appointments
Orange: Entertainment
Purple: Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift
Teal Blue: What Color Is Your Brain?

Pink:  Personal

This Brain Color Coding is similar to the ideas I share with teachers. I learned this trick from my dear friend, Michelle Bracken, before she retired from teaching. Michelle would write the classroom schedule for the day on the chalk board according to the Brain Colors. This visual clue helped the children feel more comfortable in class because they knew what to expect.
Yellow: Library and Organizing the classroom or desks
Blue: Art and Music
Green: Math and Science
Physical Education, Lunch, Recess and/or Field Trips

Happy Colorfully Organized Brainday!
Princess Shayna Musical Picture Album
For those of you who enjoyed the Premier Performance of Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift the Musical   and those of you who could not attend, I have grand news for all of you.
Now can view the photo album of the performance at!

Thanks to my web designer Jeff Lewis, owner of The Webs We Weave, everyone can enjoy the scene by scene flip book, including a cool sound effect when you turn the page.

A new video album flip book will be available on the site very soon, thanks to Joe Del Preto, owner of A Light On A Hill Video Productions


When I am not preparing or presenting What Color Is Your Brain?® programs, my newly organized plan for the next 3-6 months is to focus on 3 exciting writing projects
I’ll let you know more of the details in future Blog posts and BrainBuzz Newsletters.

I will still be available to discuss, schedule and present What Color Is Your Brain?® Programs.You can call me at 847.526.9039 or send me an email at 
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Thank you, Sheila






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