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February 2013 BrainBuzz Newsletter
February is National Self-Esteem Month
In the January BrainBuzz, I wrote about my "Mornining Mantra", which is "Tikkun Olam"... to heal, repair and restore the world. We can all do that by encouranging and enhancing a HEALTHY level  of
Self-esteem in ourselves and others.
It seems that "Self-esteem" is a buzz word that has been given a bad rap over the years. The term has been misused and overly used to create an impression of narcissism. I believe that having a HEALTHY  level of  Self-esteem gives individuals an appropriate perspecitve of their  "Praiseworhty Gifts", which are their Brain Color attributes and abilitites.

Image 1

My dear friend, Michelle, always says, "Self-esteem is an inside job!" It's looking into your personal mirror. However, adults and chidlren do not always recognize their own HEALTHY feelings of acceptance, self-worth, capability, empowerment, respect, and abilitity to solve problems. 
In my What Color Is Your Brain? Progams, it is exciting to observe the adults when they recognize their talents and traits. It's thrilling to watch children discover their Brain Colors and recognize their "Praisworthy Gifts", which often are different than what their parents think and tell their children. I believe it is critical for children to develop a HEALTHY level of
Self-esteem themselves, not only by what their parents, teachers, and other adults say about them, but through their own self-discovery! 

During the Princess Shayna - Brain Color School Program at Elm Elementary School, one litle boy told me, "I already know I am Yellow." I asked him how he knew that, and he replied, "Because my parents took the online quiz." I respectfully suggested that he enjoy discovering his Brain Colors for himself. It was fascinting to see how he arranged his Pictorial Brain Color Quiz cards and became excited about his perspective, which was different than his parents'!    

Below are Brain Color examples of how to encourage and enhance a HEALTHY level of
Self-esteem for each Brian Color: 

Yellow Brainers: Acknowledge their Accountability and encourage them by saying, "I am proud of you!"

Blue Brainers:  Aknowledge their Compassion and encourage them by saying, "I love you!"

Green Brainers: Acknowledge their Competency and encourage them by saying, "I think you are smart!"

Orange Brainers: Acknowledge their Positive Outlook and encourage them by saying,
"It's fun spending time with you!"
I trust this information gave you a new perspective about HEALTHY Self-esteem!
I Know Something Good About You!
Last month, I was re-united with a MAC-DO LODGE camp friend, Susan Fisher. Susan found me online while she was doing some Green Brain Reserach about our camp. When she saw my name on my book cover, Susan knew my middle initial "N" had to represent  "Newman", which is my maiden name.

Susan immediately sent me an email, and I joyfully responded, remembering so many GOOD THINGS about Susan! We remincised about our amazing camp experiences and remembered all the words to our camp songs that we sang over 55 years ago.

Image 2

We also began reciting inspirational poems, which our camp director, Miss Minnie A. Cohen, read to us during "Campfire" on Sunday evenings. We laughed about not remembering what we did last week, but remembering poetry that influenced us as little girls and inspired us to become the "Honor Girls" we were and are today. Below is one of our favorite poems.


Wouldn't this old world be better,

If the folks we meet would say:

I know something good about you,

And then treat us just that way!


Wouldn't it be fine and dandy,

If each handclasp warm and true

Carried with it this assurance

I know something good about you!


Wouldn't things here be more pleasant

If the good that's in us all,

Were the only thing about us,

That folks bothered to recall!


Wouldn't life be lots more happy

If we'd praise the good we see!

For there's such a lot of goodness

In the worst of you and me.


Wouldn't it be nice to practice

This fine way of thinking too;

You know something good about me,

I know something good about you!

A perfect poem for celebrating National Self-Esteem Month!

Love and Money!
It is fun and fascinating listening to the attendees at my What Color Is Your Brain? Programs. They volunteer what they believe to be, their romantic partner's Personal Brain Color. Again, this reinforces my theory: How you see your Brain Color personality may not be how others see you.

We are usually attracted to our Romantic Partners because they are more competent and/or compliment with specific attributes and abilities we do not have or are not comfortable using in our personal or professional lives.  

Image 3


How individuals handle financial issues is often the number one reason for the success or failure of a Romantic Relationship. On a daily basis, the requirements of food, housing, and clothing can be disruptive. On, before, or after a life cycle event, such as a wedding or death of a family member, the purchase of a home or automobile, or paying for a college education, financial stresses can be catastrophic.

Below is a "Love and Money" except from Chapter #7 in What Color Is Your Brain?

Yellow Brainers consistently make deposits in a savings account and plan how much they are going to spend on their financial needs or desires. Orange Brainers think Yellow Brainers are nuts for not spending their money while they can enjoy it.

Blue Brainers do not give a second thought to their finances. People, not pennies, are more important to them. They will hire or ask a Green Brainer to help them with their finances. They do not think about how much they are spending, just how much they enjoy buying something for a friend or loved one.

Green Brainers enjoy spreadsheets and accounting for all their expenditures. They become frustrated with the Blue Brainers when they have to explain their accounting practices, what a budget is, and why they need one.

Orange Brainers are spenders, not savers, and their attitude drives Yellow Brainers crazy. The Yellow Brainers often irritate the Orange Brainers because they want to limit their spending and teach them how to be financially responsible.

Green Brainers and Yellow Brainers appreciate each other’s financial attitude toward budgeting and saving money. Blue Brainers and Orange Brainers understand each other’s financial attitude toward enjoying and spending their money.

Remember to balan¢e your finance$ and your Romantic Relationship on Valentine's Day and every day

Check Your Calendar...
Customized What Color Is Your Brain? Programs have proven to be beneficial for a wide variey of organizations. Below is a partial list of my 2013 Winter and Spring Program Schedule:
•  Elm Elementary School SELAS (Social and Emotional Learning for Academic Success) Week activities
A What Color Is Your "Business" Brain?® Lunch and Learn Program sponsored by the Ela Library and Lake Zurich Area Chamber of Commerce
•  The DDS Study Crew Program for dentists and their front desk and office staff 
 VWise Women's Veteran's Entreprenurial Training 
Nationa Lewis Univerty McCormick Center Early Childhood Learning National LEADERSHIP CONNECTIONS™ National Conference
If you or someone you know would benefit from any of my fun and interactive programs, please visit the Program Section on my website to make your selection. You can call me at 847.526.9039 or email me at, and I will be happy to discuss customizing a program for you and reserving the date my calendar.
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