April 2014 BrainBuzz Newsletter
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The 4 Simple Secrets of a Joyful 47 Year Marriage!
On April 9th, Jordan and I celebrated our 47th Wedding Anniversary!
It seems like
yesterday, we were newlyweds,.

Jordan's Personal Blending Brain Colors are Orange/Green. My Personal Blending Brain Colors are Blue/Yellow. Jordan is an attorney, a master negotiator, and a problem solver. I am an passionate educator, a nurturer, and an organizer.

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A blind date to a Chicago Black Hawks hockey game, on November 26, 1964, attracted us to one another. Our Brain Colors complement the other person's personality. The skills I do not have, Jordan does, and vica versa. Both of us were raised in families that valued Orange entrepreneurship. Personally and professionally we have always encouraged each other to take risks and have fun! We have also utilized our Brain Color attributes and abilities to create a joyful, loving, and respectful marriage.

Below are the 4 Simple Secrets of our 47 Year Marriage:

1. Having a respectful and loving commitment to stop and think about how the other person might think, feel, or behave before we act upon our thoughts and feelings. This is important for big decisions buying a home or carlittle decisions what to make for dinner or who is going to empty the dishwasher.

2. Have thoughtful and fun rituals that make both of us smile: Never leave the house without a kiss and saying, "I love you!"

3. Surprise each other: Flowers, favorite chocolate chip cookies, licorice candy, weekend trips, and books.

4. Be honest, trusting, and trustworthy so the other person feels loved, safe, encouraged, and confident!

I am not going divulge all our secrets... you will have to create some of your own.

Jordan and I have learned to respect each other's individualism, forgive the "whopper" mistakes we both have made, accept one another's "crazy" idiosyncrasies, and had lots of fun together!

Each morning and evening, when we look at the sign we hung above our bathroom mirror, the words remind us how much we love, appreciate, and cherish each other!
"The Best Thing In Life Is To Holding On To Each Other!"
Brain Color Clue$ to Help You Handle Your Money
April 15th is the day Americans file their federal income taxes. It can be a stressful day for many individuals depending on their Brain Colors. 

How individuals handle financial issues is often the number one reason for the success or failure of their personal and business relationships. How each Brain Color manages his or her finances can determine compatibility or conflict with others.

Image 2

In order to talk about your attitude toward money, you need to understand how your Brain Color influences your financial behavior.
Yellow Brainers save their money. They consistently make deposits in a savings account and budget how much they are going to spend on their financial needs or desires. Orange Brainers think Yellow Brainers are nuts for not spending their money while they can enjoy it.  
Blue Brainers share their money. They do not give a second thought to their finances. People, not pennies, are more important to them. They will hire or ask a Green Brainer to help them with their finances. They do not think about how much they are spending, just how much they enjoy buying something for a friend or loved one.
Green Brainers develop a system for their money. They enjoy spreadsheets and accounting for all their expenditures. They become frustrated with the Blue Brainers when they have to explain their accounting practices, what a budget is, and why they need one.
Orange Brainers are spenders. They love to splurge, not a save. Their attitude drives Yellow Brainers crazy. The Yellow Brainers often irritate the Orange Brainers because they want to limit their spending and teach them how to be financially responsible.

Green Brainers and Yellow Brainers appreciate each other's financial attitude toward budgeting and saving money. Blue Brainers and Orange Brainers understand each other's financial attitude toward enjoying and spending their money.    
The Story of You 
I am honored and thrilled to tell you about my friend John Bond's latest book, The Story of You: A Guide for Writing Your Personal Stories and Family History. John has always been interested in learning about other people's stories and people’s pasts as an insight into who they are. John emulates Mark Twain's quote, “There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility.”

In T he Story of You, John talks about the value of writing down your story, or that of your family.

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These stories add flesh to the bare bones of the facts of your life. Who taught you to ride a bike? Where did you go on your first date? What was your greatest triumph? Tragedy? What was dinner like at your house; did everyone sit at the same spot; was it a raucous affair or more serious? What was the best Halloween costumes you ever wore? These stories tell people who you are.

John's book details, step-by-step, how to get started on capturing these stories, whether for yourself, your parents, or your children.

The Story of You is divided into eight sections (which contain 20 chapters). The sections are titled:
1. Why Write?
2. How to Get Started
3. What to Write About
4. How to Create the Stories
5. How to Finish the Stories
6. What Tools Are Needed and What Can Be Done With Them
7. Gaining Inspiration
8. What Now?

As an extra bonus there are two appendices
219 Questions to Prime the Pump and 21 Ways to Stir Up Memoriesthat help generate ideas for you to write about.

My Creative Writing Blue Brain really likes that each chapter ends with a summary of the key points, or If You Were Taking Notes. Also included are quotes to ruminate on, for example, “The only thing you take with you when you are gone is what you leave behind” (John Allston).

John says that everyone has these Classic Stories that you may have retold many times, which need to be recorded. If your great, great-grandmother or father had written down what their childhood was like, would you read it? Well, of course, and therefore it is incumbent upon us to do the same.

You might be wondering about John's credentials to write this book. For the past 25 years, John has worked for SLACK Incorporated and  also authored a superb book for writers entitled You Can Write and Publish a Book: Essential Information on How to Get Your Book Published.

Not only is it a privilege to call John my friend, he is the Vice President responsible for publishing my books!

John feels, however, that the more important qualities that qualify him to write about this topic are the facts that he is a son, husband, father, friend, and a person who loves to hear and tell a good story. But in the end, these are universal traits, andJohn believes everyone has them, too.

I encourage all of you to check out both of John's books on his website, at Amazon, or your local book store. Feel free to send John an email. I know he would also love to read your stories!

If you are not interested in writing your personal or family stories or writing a book, please share this valuable information about John's books with someone who is.They will thank you for your Blue Brain Thoughtfulness!

APPLAUSE! The Spring performance of The Invisible Visible Gift, which was the musical adaptation of Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift, was a grand success!

Over 200 students and their teachers and/or parents attended the performance at the Broadway Theatre of Pitman, in Pitman, New Jersey! I was thrilled to see two remarkable families that I met, last Februrary, at JDRF South Jersey chapter's Educational Syposium, where I presented two Brain Color Programs.

I am delighted that one of the teachers who attended the musical plans on sending home book purchase information to the students' parents. I will be sending personalized autographed copies to many of the students who enjoyed the musical and wanted their own copies of Princess Shayna.

Several weeks before the performance, I contacted Lou Polino, owner of Dynamic Crew. Lou arranged for Heather Joyce to video tape the performance! Heather did a splendid job recording the musical and also sending me still shots of the performance! Now I will always have a permanent record of The Invisible Visible Gift musical!

APPLAUSE! On Friday, April 18th, I sent the manuscript for my new book, What Color Is Your Brain When Caring for Patients: An Easy Approach for Understanding Your Personality Type and Your Patient’s Perspective to John Bond (my publisher) for peer review.

I am most grateful to all the health care professionals who generously contributed their anecdotal stories to selected chapters in the book. I am very excited about the content in each of the 20 chapters, the new health care professional and personal Brain Color quizzes, and Brain Color graphs and charts. 

Just like my other books, 10% of royalties from the sale of this book will also be allocated to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Reserach Foundation).

PPLAUSE! is the response from the attendees at the end of their What Color Is Your Brain? Programs. If you want  get the crowd cheering and applauding at your next meeting or conference, contact me at sheila@sheilaglazov.com or 847.526.9039 

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There full color Gift Givers Guide at the back of the book with questions and a scramble word.

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