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August 2012 BrainBuzz Newsletter
Back to School Creative Brain Color Learning Environments
It's hard to believe that students and teachers are about to begin a new school year. During my What Color Is Your Brain?® Programs, I always like to explain how our Brain Colors are influenced and our creative attributes and abilities must adapt to the different teaching environments/conditions when we are students:

1. Early Childhood Learning Center/School: Orange Brain Extraordinarily Creative Learning Environment that is colorful and includes copious hands on learning activities.

2. Primary Grades (Kindergarten - 4th Grade): Blue Brain Highly Creative Learning Environment that is nurturing and includes collaborative learning.

Image 1

Creative Learning Environment
3. Middle School (5th - 8th Grades): Combined Shades of Blue and Yellow Brain Moderately Creative Learning Environment that is encouraging, but begins to stress good grades to handle high school academic challenges.

4. High School (Freshman/9th Grade - Senior/12th Grade): Yellow Brain Least Creative Learning Environment because high academic achievement and compliance is stressed, except for creative options if students are focused on artistic endeavors after graduation. 

5. College or Career =  Green Brain
Minuscule Creative Learning Environment, which demands,  intensive intellectual performance, independent study, and ingenuity for specific projects to be successful.

Take a moment to visualize all 5 Brain Color Creative Learning Environments. It is a sad statement and realization that, as children, we are encouraged, praised, and rewarded for our creativity and "reaching for the top". However, as adults we are dissuaded, criticized, and not acknowledged for our creativity because we must "meet the bottom line".

These facts were confirmed when our Orange Brain 5 year old granddaughter told me, "I am really talented because I can play!", as we were sitting outside our community swimming pool waiting for my husband.

"I am so delighted that you are so talented, and I hope you never forget how to play when you grow up." I told her.

"I never will," she replied.

"That's grand; because most adults forget how to play, and they become too busy to remember that wonderful talent." I replied.

When my husband arrived, we held hands and playfully skipped to our car.

Encourage your Orange Brain inner child to play, have fun, and discover ways to develop a personal creative learning environment/ideal condition for yourself: Write, Paint, Cook, Dance, Go Fishing, Ski, Plant A Garden, Learn to Juggle, and/or Play A Sport. I am confident you will be more creative, happier, and productive in the many facets of your life! 
 Chapter #6 of What Color Is Your Brain?®, offers more information about each Brain Color personality and the "Ideal Conditions" in which they thrive . Chapter #10 offers statistics and tips about Children's Brain Color personalities.

 ♦  I have been fortunate to present many WCIYB Programs to Early Childhood Learning Center administrators, educators and staff members. My clients have taught that Early Childhood Learning Center is the appropriate and up-to-date terminology, rather than Nursery and Pre-School.    
Brain Color Olympics!
Jordan and I have always enjoyed watching the Summer and Winter Olympics. We eagerly await the excitement of the competitions and pageantry.

Of course, as I watch the events and Olympians, I think about their Brain Colors:

Yellow Brain Olympians:
Commitment to their training and great pride to represent their countries

Blue Brain Olympians: Collaboration with their team mates and camaraderie with their fellow Olympians

Image 2

Green Brain Olympians: Think up strategies they utilize during their competition to win.

Orange Brain Olympians:
Compete to win individual or team medals, to perform at their best, and to achieve a world record! 

No Bunk - Business Sense Blog
 One of my father's favorite expressions for something he felt was nonsense was: "That's a bunch of bunk." My father was a Green Brain Mechanical Engineer, who was a 'No Nonsense" man of few words. However, when he spoke you knew there would be valuable wisdom and wit woven within his words.

My Blue Brain began popping ideas about how to share the remarkable business sense ideas with my readers from the collection of newsletters about the laboratory instrument business my parents founded in 1952.

I decided on a new Blog Post Series entitled "No Bunk". I have already received positive feed back comments from my first two posts. To learn more sign up for my blog in the sidebar of my website.

I still can visualize myself standing in the main office space, outside my father’s personal office, looking up at the  crowing rooster poster hanging on the sky blue wall. The picture and the words had an remarkable impact on me when I was a child and still resonate with me today! The caption proclaimed

“Don’t waste your time blowing off about what can’t be done, or what you haven’t done yet, get it done FIRST, and then start to CROW!!”

And that's "No Bunk!

My Orange Brain is excited to announce the new and amazing Princess Shayna the Musical Photo Album on my website! My wonderful web designer, Jeff Lewis owner of The Webs We Weave, designed a custom flip book for me, which includes a fun page turning sound effect. Just click on the arrow on the side of the album to begin your joyful journey with Princess Shayna. When you flip through the book, you will feel like you are reading Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift because I included Len Birnbaum’s extraordinary illustrations for each scene page. Whether you attended the performance or were unable to attend, I trust you will feel like you are watching the remarkable and memorable performance!

Green Technical Brain is delighted about the companion Teacher's Activity Guide for Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift. I am learning how to use Amazon's CreateSpace program. My sincere thanks to  two of my savvy and smart SCBWI members, Megg Jensen and Barbara Gregorich for their generous assistance!

Along with 4 writing projects, my calendar is filling up What Color Is Your Brain?® Programs. If you would like to discussed a customized program for your organization, please call me at 847.526.9039 or send me an email at

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