March 2013 BrainBuzz Newsletter
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What Color Is Your "Business" Brain? 
On March 6th, I presented a What Color Is Your "Business" Brain?® program at the Ela Area Library in Lake Zurich, Illinois
The focus of the workshop was to help individuals to not get stuck in the BOX and... 
• Understand different perspectives to positively serve their customers
• Communicate effectively and build collaborative teams
• Keep their energy up and their stress down
• Resolve conflicts quickly and minimize frustration
• Create more harmonious relationships in every facet of their lives
• Successfully/ achieve their business goals!
Below are several reasons people in the workplace (and their homes) get stuck in the BOX:
Yellow Brainers: Do not have feel comfortable without a plan
 Blue Brainers: Do not confront issues and avoid conflict

Image 1

Green Brainers: Do not want to make mistakes and look foolish 
Orange Brainers: Do not want to listen other people's opinions 
During the program, I told the attendees I had a simple solution to help them "let their brain get out of the BOX". The answer is... Create a business "Brainbow" Idea Advisory Board that will offer the following Brain Color Attributes and Abilities:  
Yellow Brainers: Will organize all the ideas 
Blue Brainers: Will "Popcorn" Brainstorm lots of ideas
Green Brainers: Will scrutinize all the ideas to make sure there is enough money, time, and resources
Orange Brainers: Will market and sell the ideas
 Encourage your "Out of the Box" thinking and enjoy the surprises!
Students Discover Their Brain Color & "Praiseworthy Gifts"
Last January, I presented a Princess Shayna - What Color Is Your Brain? Progam for the 1st - 5th graders at Elm Elementary School in Burr Ridege, Illinois. It was a pleasure planning for the program with school principal Jeana Considine and Hala Hinda, a PTO member, who introduced me to Ms. Considine and organized all the PTO parents to help the students. 

This dynamic program was part of the District 181 Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Week actvities and was engaging, encouraging, and educational for the student's, techers and parents! 

Image 2

 Colorfully dressed
students watching the
Princess Shayna Musical DVD
During each grade level presentation, students determined their Brain Colors and selected their "Praiseworthy Gifts" with a “Pictorial” Brain Color Quiz. The students completed this activity without their teachers' and/or parents' perspective. It was critical for each student to recognize, understand and appreciate their own Brain Color Personality perspective, which often differs from what their teachers and parents think and tell the children about their attributes, abilities, and behavior.

This interactive program is the perfect complement to the school curriculum to promote:
1. Bully prevention
2. Acceptance and appreciation of differences
3. Dealing with challenges by utilizing healthy decision making techniques and creative problem solving skills
4. Social and Emotional Learning 
• Enhance a student’s self-esteem
• Develop a student’ self-management skills to achieve academic success
• Foster a student’s social-awareness to create harmonious relationships in a variety of social settings
• Demonstrate healthy decision making skills and responsible behavior at school, home, and in the community

Many PTO parents were part of the program and assisted the teachers, while helping the students complete their “Pictorial” Brain Color Quiz activity.This process also helps teachers and parents gain a better understanding of the students' personalities, their own Brain Color Teaching Style, Parenting Style and to easily learn to speak fluent Brain Color students watchign PS video

After the students determined their Brain Colors and decided which Village of the Kingdom of Kindness they lived in, they can participated in a variety of Brain Color art projects and had fun watching the Princess Shayna Musical video.

Below is a the Elm Elementary School Students Comfort and Blending Brain Color Comparison Chart
Color key: Girls and Boys

       Brain Colors                      Yellow                          Blue                        Green                       Orange            

Comfort Total 16 6 45 16 13 29 25 71 222
Blending Total 17 17 32 38 24 39 28 22 222

A larger numerical difference between the Boys' and Girls' "Comfort" Brain Colors 
2. A smaller and more balanced numerical relationship between the Boys' and Girls' "Blending"
Brain Colors  
3. Increase in Girls' "Blending" Brain Colors to be more Green - Logical and
Orange - Risk Taking    
4. Increase in Boys' "Blending" Brain Colors to be more Yellow - Responsible and
Blue - Creative       
5. Decrease in Girls' "Blending" Brain Colors to be less Blue - Comfortable expressing their true    feelings      
6. Decrease in Boys' "Blending" Brain Colors to be less Orange - Only focused on fun 
The children, staff, teachers and parents at Elm Elementary School were REMARKABLE!
I am most grateful for the privilege and pleasure of working with everyone!
Trusting Relationships and Trusworthy Environment
Creating a trusting relationship and trustworthy environment at home, school, work or in your community can be challenging.

On February 3rd, I presented a What Color Is Your Brain? program
for  the Electrology Association of Illinois. At the end of the program the attendees devided into the four Brain Color Groups and collaboratively worked together to answere 3 questions according to their Brain Color perspective.

Image 3

The question I posed to the eletrologists was: According to your Brain Color, how do you create a trusting relationship and trustworthy environment for your client? The question can also  related to your romantic partners,children, family members, clients/customers and co-workers. Below are some of the Brain Color responses that you might find helpful when building trust with others:
Yellow Brainers:
• Direct eye contact
• Genuinely listen to what they have to say
• Be respectful of their questions and concerns´╗┐

Blue Brainers:
• Play soft music and use aromatherapy
• Ask them if they are comfortable
• Engage people in conversation about themselves

Green Brainers:
• Display credentials
• Professional attire
• Clean environment

Orange Brainers:
•Exude our credentials
•Let clients walk through the process
•Let clients watch procedures as a show and tell

I trust that the answers above will help you create more trusting relationships and trustworthy environments in every facet of your life.

  Digital Human Library Author School Visit: I am honored and thrilled to be collaborating with Leigh Cassell, an elementary school teacher at Stephen Central Public School, in Crediton, Ontario. Leigh is the remarkable creator of the AMAZING Digital Human Library, which is a free educational resource that connects K-12 teachers and students with experts and organizations around the word interested in video conferencing with their classes. 

Leigh and I plan to present the Princess Shayna - What Color Is Your Brain? program to the students and teachers at Stephen Central Public School. I am looking forward to this Orange Exciting and Green Technological persentation in April! I will share more information about the Digital Human Library in a future BrainBuzz.

  Author Interview: You will add some Spring to your step and Brain Colors when you read Author Charlene Wilson's masterful Highlighted Author Interview with me.  
  Spring is a time of anticipation, change, and new growth, and I am anticipating several long-awaited changes and growth in my business, which I will share with you in the next BrainBuzz.
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