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January 2013 BrainBuzz Newsletter
Best Wishes for a Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful,
Prosperous, and Fun-filled New Year!

In light of the 2012 tragedies, I selected as my daily 2013 affirmation, "Tikkun Olam", which is the Hebrew phrase to..."heal, repair, and restore the world"
While I was developing a new Brain Color/Princess Shayna Program for an elementary school, thoughts of my dear friend, Cantor Alan Smolen (of blessed memory), reminded me of
"Tikkun Olam".

I remembered Alan's1997 Rosh Hashanah sermon, in which he said, “Princess Shayna is successful on her Vision Quest because she has had the proper support and encouragement to be prepared for life’s challenges. We all have the need to be loved and encouraged. It never stops no matter how old you are. Recognizing and appreciating the differences in people and how to properly use those special gifts to build a better world is the blessing of Tikkun Olam.”

The other day, my friend Carol Childers reminded me of "Tikkun Olam" while we were chatting about our "Grandmother" concerns for the world. Carol told me about her church congregation's responses after she shared about Ann Curry's amazing twitter page #26 Acts of Kindness during Sunday morning service. Later that day, I found the 26 Acts of Kindness Facebook Page with 96,035 likes 23,806 talking about the page. It was encouraging, refreshing, and joyful to read the responses and to think about how my personal acts of "Tikkun Olam" can add to the copious 26 Acts of Kindness to help heal, repair or restore the world.

I trust I have encouraged you to contribute your special gifts to:
H - Help
E - Encourage
A - Appreciate
L - Love  
others and heal,  repair, and restore the world!

你的大腦是什麼顏色?Brain Book Helps Others


你的大腦是什麼顏色?: 看清你的本色,看懂別人臉色,人際溝通更出色

What Color Is Your Brain?: A Fun and Fascinating Approach to Understanding Yourself and Others

My book is now helping people discover their Brain Colors when they read the latest edition in Traditional Chinese.

During the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair, my publisher, John Bond, met with a publisher from Taiwan who was interested in my book. John said it would probably take a year to publish the Traditional Chinese edition.

Last November, my Google Analytics reported a significant increase in visits and time on my website from Taiwan . 

Image 1

      Published October 2012
 My Green Brain was extremely curious. I called John and he confirmed the Taiwanese publication. I was thrilled to learn that my copy was on its way to me. I felt a familiar eagerness and anticipation about the new book's arrival, as I had in 2009, before the arrival of the Portuguese edition, A Cor do Séu Cérebro, which was published in São Paulo, Brazil.

I discovered that McGraw-Hill International Enterprises had published the Traditional Chinese edition. My Green Brain wanted to learn more about the book and my Blue Brain began connecting the dots with an email to Jacklyn Sim at McGraw-Hill Education (Asia). Jacklyn promptly and graciously contacted her colleagues, who connected me to Anita Peng, the Rights & Production Coordinator in Taiwan. Anita and her colleagues quickly and generously sent me the cover artwork, translations, and design information I had requested.

Below are a few items from my Brain Color Compliment List, which I sent to Anita and her colleagues to say "Thank you!” for their masterful translation and publication of my book!

1. The book's creative design was remarkably colorful. The brilliant colors of the  Brain Color Table of Contents pages and 4 Brain Color and Purple bullet points, chapter content, charts, and section headers (in the appropriate Brain Colors) and corresponding lobe of the brain were fabulous!
2. The Brain Color punctuation marks in their appropriate colors: - ? - ,-!  throughout the book, make it easy for readers to associate their Brain Colors with their behavior.

 4. The Purple cover, chapter titles and section headers were lovely surprises and connections to Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift and my business logo on my website. 

5. "Bravo!", to the talented graphic designer's artistic twist on the Traditional Chinese characters, which compliment, reflect, and accurately interpret the Traditional Chinese characters and symbols and the Brain Colors.

The following are translations of the conversation bubbles from each lobe of the brain on the cover of 你的大腦是什麼顏色? 

Yellow Brain Bubble:    Organized CEO: “I am the boss!”

Blue Brain Bubble
: Creative Artist, “A good idea occurred to me!”

Green Brain Bubble:
 Contemplative Accountant: “I need to think for awhile.”

Orange Brain Bubble:
Adventurous Emergency Physician: “You can count on me.”

Recognizing, understanding and respecting each others' Brain Colors
                               helps to heal,
 repair, and restore our world!

谢您 , 谢您-Thank you, thank you to John Bond, SLACK, Inc., and everyone at McGraw-Hill International Enterprises!

Please, click on the following book links to purchase 你的大腦是什麼顏色?
and/or A Cor do Séu Cérebro. To place bulk book sales for 你的大腦是什麼顏色, please contact in Customer Service.
Princess Shayna Helps Children Express Their Fright and Delight 

he tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary reconfirmed my theory:
Every child deserves to feel loved, safe, encouraged, and confident within a trustworthy home, school, and community environment!

It is critical to teach all our children life-long communication skills, which will help them express their fright and delight.

Image 2

  I need to talk about my feelings!
Over the past 17 years, parents and teachers have read Princess Shayna to their children and students and helped them learn the non-judgmental Brain Color language to communicate and manage life’s triumphs and tragedies. Children also discover the "Praiseworthy Gifts" of the Brain Color village they live in and how to recognize their feelings in Sarah Spundah’s Forest of Friendship and Meevillain’s Forest of Fear.

My dearest friend, Michelle Bracken, taught a 4th grade inclusion class in New York for many years. One day, her student (I will call him Adam) told her, "Mrs. Bracken, I need a blue hug." Michele immediately ushered Adam onto the porch, which was connected to her classroom to give him the privacy he needed. Fortunately, at that time, there were no rules restricting teachers from offering affection to their students.

As Michelle, began to hug Adam he began to cry and said, "Mrs. Bracken, I do not want to go back to living in the Forest of Fear with my mother who is a cocaine addict. I want to stay with my grandmother and live in the Forest of Friendship." Adam was able to use his non-judgmental vocabulary from Princess Shayna and felt safe telling Mrs. Bracken about his fears. Michelle alerted the school psychologist, who scheduled appointments to help Adam.

Since 1997, Laura Newcomer has been sharing Princess Shayna with her students in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. I have loved visiting with Laura and her students, reading their Brain Color and Princess Shayna worksheets, and listening to them express their their personal delight about their accomplishments.

The students love sharing about their "Rimsiyavyo" discovery moments, just like Sigmund the Royal Wizard when he solves a problem. Sigmund exclaims "Rimsiyavyo" when he discovers that Meevillain's Nuptial Nectar is the cause of King Alexander's and Queen's Sylvia's disappointment and absence of a child in their life and when he discovers the Silver Apricots Potion to cure Princess Shayna's lingering sleeping illness. 

Below are examples of Children's Brain Color Behavior when they are frightened: 
Yellow Brain Children become stubborn and worried about their solving their problems.  
Blue Brain Children cry and repeatedly talk about their problems to friends and family.
Green Brain Chidlren become impatient and need their privacy to resolve their problems. 
Orange Brain Children misbehave and often get into trouble, which causes more problems.
Below are examples of Children's Brain Color Behavior when they are delighted:  
Yellow Brain Children feel proud of themselves and appreciate your thoughtful praise.  
Blue Brain Children feel loved and appreciate your affection and the time you took to listen.
Green Brain Children feel smart and appreciate your acknowledgement of their "smarts". 
Orange Brain Children feel excited and appreciate the time you spent celebrating with them.

Reading Princess Shayna to children helps to heal, repair, and restore their world!
"Rimsiyavyo" is an expression of successful Creative Problem Solving, which involves looking at issues from different perspectives to eliminate fright and increase delight!

Do you know the Princess Shayna definition and perspective of  "Rimysiyavyo"?

If not, the answer is in the "What's New" section at the end of this newsletter.

Colonel (R) Jill W. Chambers U.S. Army Helps Our Veterans 
Once you read about my remarkable friend Jill Chambers and how she is helping our veterans, you will not forget her!

Jill was recently honored as one of six women who are "MAKERS: Women Who Make America". The PBS documentary will air on PBS on February 26th. Check your
local TV guide, mark your calendar, set your DVR, and tell your friends. You will not want to miss the opportunity to learn about Jill and all the other accomplished women who are helping others to heal, repair or restore the world!

You can
Watch several video clips, as Jill discusses her path as a career woman in the military and surviving the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. Jill's experiences led her to create a Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) program for men and women in the military.

   A Woman Making a Difference

Jill and her husband, Country Western singing star, Michael Peterson, produce the This Able Vet LLC™  programs. After Jill retired, she founded This Able Vet LLC™ with the conviction that all who serve deserve to be fully informed and equipped for continuing lives of productive service. Jill was amazed by the abundant, but under-utilized, resources and opportunities available to support wellness and productivity for active duty service members, veterans and their families.

This Able Vet
offers consulting services to Human Resource departments of organizations that  hire military veterans. This work helps to mutually sustain the value of the organizations and the Veterans attributes and abilities in the workforce, leading to comprehensive wellness based HR solutions.

I am honored and proud that I had the professional opportunity to collaborate with Jill. I customized a Brain Color program for her, which introduces women veterans to the What Color Is Your Brain?® concept and book as part of the V-WISE Program, which helps Military Women Veterans re-launch into the world as entrepreneurs. Jill always delights me with her Brain Color stories from the V-Wise Programs.

I am so exited that Jill and Michael will be presenting a V-Wise program in Chicago
on May 5, 2013 at the Westin Chicago River North Hotel in Chicago! Please, share this information and help the women veterans you know. They will definitely benefit from meeting Colonel Jill Chambers and experiencing the life changing V-Wise Program! More information about Jill and Michael and their program schedules can be found at the This Able Vet LLC™ website.

The This Able Vet LLC™ and V-Wise programs are
helping to heal, repair, and restore our veterans' world!


What's New?
Watch and share the New Video Book Trailer for Princess Shayna's 
Invisible Gift.

Coming soon... more exciting information about another New What Color Is Your Brain? book. 

 Coming soon... New Princess Shayna and Brain Color Puppets!!!

I will be presenting a New, innovative Brain Color/Princess Shayna Program at the Elm Elementary School in Burr Ridge, Illinois on January 22nd and 23rd. This inter-active learning program is part of the district's week long SELAS (Social Emotional Learning for Academic Success)
 Check out the New header on my What Color Is Your Brain? Facebook Page. If you have not already "liked" the page please, do so. I would be most grateful for your Blue Brain Help, which would simplify my social media life. Thank you.
Here's the  "Rimsiyavyo!" answer I promised. When you have a problem you must solve, you might say, "Oh, woe is me." A familiar Yiddish phrase for "Oh, woe is me!" is "Oy, vay is mir"! If you look at that phase from another perspective or backwards during the creative problem solving process, the phrase reads... "Rimsiyavyo!"  It's easy and fun to follow Sigmund the Royal Wizard's example when you are joyful and no longer woeful, just exclaim... "Rimsiyavyo!"

I am grateful and blessed that 2013 has begun with so may New and exciting opportunities and projects. If you or someone you know would benefit from any of my fun and interactive programs, please visit the Program Section on my website to make your selection. You can call me at 847.526.9039 or email me at, and I will be happy to discuss customizing a program for you.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy BrainBuzz!
I am wishing you the blessings of "Tikkun Olam",