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                           March 23-29, 2014

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  • Local News: Deputy has close call with cooler & more!
  • Videos: Check out dumb criminal videos!
  • Weekly crime prevention tip of the week
  • Crime hot spots: Watch out in areas where there have been multiple incidents.
  • On the Crazy side!  


News on the Gulf Coast

Spring Breaker Accused of Showering Deputy with Ice and Water: www.newsherald.com/news/crime-public-safety/deputy-has-close-call-with-cooler-contents-1.294295

Dad Accused of Teeing off on Cars outsideJail:

Probation Violator gets Life in Prison: www.srpressgazette.com/news/crime/timothy-jordan-gets-life-in-prison-1.294536?page=0

Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office Arrests Wanted Men: www.srpressgazette.com/news/crime/srso-arrests-wanted-men-1.294548

Two Indicted in Three Escambia County Murders: www.northescambia.com/2014/03/two-indicted-in-three-escambia-county-murders


Investigator to Look into Deaths at Escambia Animal Shelter: www.northescambia.com/2014/03/investigator-to-look-into-deaths-at-escambia-animal-shelter


Stupid Criminal Videos of the Week

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Man Disguises Himself a Little Too Late: youtu.be/JigB2gYOVbk

Man Tries to Rob Undercover Cop: youtu.be/K4jj6aH-GgE



Crime Prevention Tip of the Week

Prevent Crime at Home by Thinking Like a Burglar

Most home burglaries can be classified as random opportunistic acts – not planned events. Homeowners can protect against burglary by looking at the weaknesses of their home from a burglar’s point of view. Here are a few questions a burglar might ask when deciding on a house to target:  

Is anyone home?

The first thing many burglars do is check to see if anyone is home. Sometimes the burglar will simply knock on the front door. If someone answers, he or she may make up an excuse for the disturbance, such as being lost and needing directions. If the knock at the door goes unanswered, the burglar may turn the door knob to test for an unlocked or easily accessible door.  Traditional locks aren’t always the answer to home protection.  On average, burglars will spend no more than 60 seconds on defeating locks to gain entry to a home. To better protect their homes, homeowners should consider upgrading to deadbolts and reinforcing the frame of their front door to make a break-in more strenuous for the burglar.

Is the home equipped with an alarm system?

An installed security system makes a dwelling less attractive to wouldbe and active burglars and protects the home without displacing burglaries to nearby homes. Additionally, nearly all convicted burglars admit that they would avoid homes that are equipped with security systems. If a potential burglar sees a yard sign or window decal from a credible security company outside of a home, around 75 percent would think twice about going through with an attack. But signs and decals aren’t enough to deter a burglar; security systems are the best protection against home burglary. 

To aid them in their security needs, ESA urges homeowners to enlist a security company that is a member of ESA. ESA member companies are experienced professionals and must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct. To ensure maximum protection, an ESA member company will recommend and install a system that accommodates both the features of the home and the homeowner’s lifestyle. Homeowners can find an ESA member company in their area here.

Will anyone notice?

Burglars tend to target homes that they can get away from easily without detection. For a burglar, an ideal home would be located in a dark, lifeless neighborhood with good hiding places and escape paths, such as overgrown bushes or trees in the yard.  Hiding areas can be eliminated by keeping the landscaping neatly trimmed and using an enhanced security system complete with timed or remotely-controlled lights and surveillance. These sophisticated systems give homeowners the ability to set timers and control various aspects of their homes via a smartphone, tablet or other web-enabled device. This technology, also known as smart home technology, is in high-demand among homeowners because of its convenient features. With smart home technology, homeowners can control indoor or outdoor lights, lock and unlock doors, arm their security system, and monitor activity within the home through surveillance cameras all via the web. Enhanced home control systems blend elements of security and accessibility to provide homeowners with maximum protection against burglary.

By thinking like a burglar and using enhanced technology to reinforce security at home, homeowners can protect their property and keep their family safe from crime.








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Links go to a map which shows where crimes have occurred in the Pensacola area. Copy and paste them into your address bar.


Assault, Burglary, and Shooting City of Pensacola:  spotcrime.com/#30.489340%2C%20-87.19769

Burglary, Assault, and Theft City of Gulf Breeze: spotcrime.com/#32507

Assualt, Burglary, and Theft Escambia County: spotcrime.com/#32534

On the Crazy Side...
Woman Torches Car After Man Refuses to Buy Her a McDonald's McFlurry



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