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                          January 27-31, 2014

In this weeks edition...

  • Local News: 2013 Pensacola crime statistics released & more
  •  Videos: Check out dumb criminal videos!
  •  Weekly crime prevention tip of the week
  •  Crime hot spots! Watch out in areas where there have been multiple incidents.
  • On the Crazy side!  


News on the Gulf Coast

Thieves Make Out with $75,000 In Purses, Luggage: www.wjhg.com/home/headlines/242229251.html

Vehicle Burglary Suspect Arrested After Brief Foot Chase:  www.pnj.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2014140123033&gcheck=1

Arrest Made In Series Of Century Business Burglaries: www.northescambia.com/2014/01/man-charged-with-series-of-century-business-burglaries
Thieves Target Baker Church: www.srpressgazette.com/news/crime/thieves-target-baker-church-1.266086


Pensacola Police Release Crime Statistics For 2013: www.srpressgazette.com/news/crime/pensacola-police-release-crime-statistics-for-2013-1.265653

McGuire's Alerts Customer Of Credit Card Breach: www.pnj.com/article/20140127/NEWS01/301270013/McGuire-s-alerts-customers-to-credit-card-breach

Children Nearly Killed By Gas From Fire Pit In Home: www.weartv.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/children-nearly-killed-gas-fire-pit-home-40834.shtml 


Stupid Criminal Videos of the Week

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Crook Vs. German Shepherd:

Stupid Criminals Bungle Stealing Fuel With Disastrous Results:

Crime Prevention Tip of the Week:

Request Free Safety Tips Whitepaper from AVS: avsecurityinc.com/safety-tips/ 

Links go to a map which shows where crimes have occurred in the Pensacola area. Copy and paste them into your address bar.

Assault, Burglary, and Shooting City of Pensacola:  spotcrime.com/#30.489340%2C%20-87.19769

Burglary, Assault, and Theft City of Gulf Breeze: spotcrime.com/#32507

Assualt, Burglary, and Theft Escambia County: spotcrime.com/#32534


On the Crazy side...

Herd Of 90 Flatulent Cows Causes Barn To Explode After Gas Build-Up

Belches and flatulence from the windy herd caused high levels of methane to build up in a cow's barn, in one central German town. 
A static electric charge then caused the pungent gas to explode in a flash of flames, according to a police spokesman. 
One unfortunate cow was treated for burns, although the rest of the herd was unharmed. 
A static electric charge then caused the pungent gas to explode in a flash of flames. 
The shed did not fare so well, suffering a damaged roof. 
Although cow-related explosions aren't exactly common, the unlucky creatures often get bad press for causing pollution. 
Each cow produces hundreds of lires of methane, which is 23 percent more potent than carbon dioxide as a contributor to global warming, on a daily basis. 
In total, agriculture generates around 14 percent of overall greenhouse gases from cows.


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