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Free - Storytelling - Ages 4-8 (all ages welcome)
Classic and original tales. 
Friday, December 14 

Two tellings (each will be the same)
10:00-10:30/11:00 am
2:00-2:30/3:00 pm
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Barnes and Noble (in Geneva Commons)
102 Commons Drive
Geneva, IL 60134

A speechwriter is
in the business of telling stories.

My clients want to inspire their listeners through images, ideas and action. Whether they want to sell a product, ask for donations, or increase staff activity, traditional storytelling methods are almost always employed. No matter what event, a stories are being told.

Sometimes, as in my case, I tell actual stories: tall-tales of one kind or another. Mostly, this comes through my writing, but this Friday, I am, helping the Geneva History Center raise money at their Book Fair. See details above. See all my tales on Amazon.

I'm giving away three short stories for Kindle. One per day, starting Tuesday, December 11. Each will be available free a few days.Why? I want you to spread the word. If you like a story, forward my email on, or link the story to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Or write a review. There's no obligation, of course. If you are a publisher or agent, contact me.

Tuesday, December 11
 How Wind Began: The Story of Pepper Jack
His name was Pepper Jack. Or, that what's we called him. OK, no one really did, but we should have. It would have been a cool name for a guy, and a pretty accurate one to boot. A modern tall-tale. 

Wednesday, December 12

The Boy Who Hated Doing Everything
Jeremy Jeppers hated doing everything. Except he loved to dream about great adventures fighting house-sized dragons, navigating the darkest forests, and flying into thunderstorms with his jet. About laziness and missing great adventures!

Thursday, December 13

Escape from Hicklebirkle Manor 
Chucky, the once ever-gracious gray Persian cat, had sinned. He had broken the commandment of the house. All who lived within it must abide it. There was only one commandment: the Declaration of Solidarity, and that was this, "Thou shalt live as if every life is your own." A strange tale about animals trapped in an abandoned house.

Just $0.99 

Mr. Smith and His Delicious Ice Cream 
But no name has ever equaled the odd name of Triplebippleabbledabblekadupledop Smith! Includes a crazy recipe for terrible ice cream and a bonus tongue twister.

My Biggest Game: A Baseball Story
Bowing low, he gave a last confident nod toward home plate, the kind that said, "You know kid, I'm Danny Dragoon. I pitch fire, and you can't hit fire. No one can."A tale of sportsmanship.

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