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May 2012 Newletter

Damani Joseph Wiliams Benefit Bass Tournament

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The following is an excerpt from my son, Brian Lashua’s Facebook Page. If anyone wants to fish or if any of my outfitters and guides wants to donate something for an auction prize, it would be greatly appreciated.

 Thanks, Dennis

 Manchac Public Landing
Saturday, June 23, 2012, Safe Daylight - 3pm

$100 per boat, optional $10 big bass pot
5 fish limit, 12' minimum
All proceeds will benefit Damani's family to help with medical expenses.

The following was written by his mother:
I was born at 27 weeks weighting 1 lb, 11 oz. I have faced many complications due to my prematurity. At birth, I was diagnosed with a grade 3 intra-ventricular hemorrhage which caused swelling in my brain. At 1 month old, I developed necrotizing enter colitis, which is a medical condition where a portion of the bowel undergoes tissue death. After multiple IV antibiotics & blood transfusions, my intestines were narrowed to block the blood flow. I had bowel surgery & had to have an ostomy placed to allow my bowels to heal. I now weigh 4 lbs & I'm steadily growing.


There will also be items up for auction including sports memorabilia, charter fishing trips, custom fishing rods, etc.

Please call me or email me with any questions or to sign up! Thanks in advance for the support on this guys, my first time does something like this. Just trying to help them out the best way I know how.

Brian Lashua, 225-247-5250

Tight lines.

Our Lodge of the Month

This month we welcome a new lodge to the Trail Escapes family. We have a number of great places but this one had so much to do, we had to add a new section to the website. For that reason alone, we decided it deserved to be given a special introduction.

The old saying is “Location, Location, and Location!” If that’s true, this lodge chose a great spot. Situated in the Colorado Rockies, the lodge is more like its own little town than just a lodge. If experience is a great teacher, then they have a master’s degree, having been in business for over 93 years. A beautiful view, gourmet meals, a world class spa, private bedrooms & cabins are just the beginning.  For the hunter & fisherman, you can enjoy elk, mule deer & mountain lion hunting, as well as some of the best trout fishing anywhere.

During the summer, the family can enjoy horseback riding, trail rides & cowboy cookouts. The winter activities include skiing & snowmobiling. Whether you’re looking for a hunting trip, fishing excursions or an outstanding year round vacation destination; this is the place you want to be.

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Trail Tails

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Hi pups & pooches, it’s Mousse, the Chocolate Lab, with another edition of Trail Tails.

Ya know, every so often humans do something right. (No really, it doesn’t happen a lot, but it does happen.)  Dad has been traveling a lot over the last few weeks, going to some places for hunting elk (a big overgrown cow, I think), mule deer (Make up your mind, are they deer or mules, Sheech!) and mountain lion.( Somebody’s been feeding those cats WAAAY too much!) Now, none of that excites me very much, but guess what? He went to this place in Nebraska that does DUCK HUNTING!! He said he was going back next season for a hunt & I’m going too. They have some really cute boy dogs on the staff. (Hmm, I gotta make sure I pack my curling iron.) He also said it’s what he calls a 5-Star luxury lodge. Along with great hunting & outstanding food, they’ve got a sauna & a massage table too. YESSS!  That’s just what this dog needs after a hard day of retrieving ducks & jumping in the water and…wait just a doggone minute, what do you MEAN it’s for the hunters only??? I’M the one doing all the WORK!! OK, remember what I said about humans sometimes getting it right? Well, never mind!

I’ll talk to all my canine friends next time. CHOW!


(I have GOT to renegotiate my contract around here!)

Lions and Elk and Mule Deer, Oh My!
May 2012 Newsletter

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Well, the air miles are stacking up again. For our new clients & newsletter subscribers, one of Trail Escapes basic foundations is going to every new location to check out & approve it before we send our clients there. April was a busy month with trips to locations in Tennessee, Georgia, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico & Nebraska & a few in Louisiana as well.

We are pleased to report that we’ve added hunting for Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Bear, Mountain Lion, as well as Rainbow & Brown trout fishing. We have added a few more locations for & Duck hunting too.

We have added a few more locations for Whitetail Deer & Duck hunting too. We will have the new locations on our website in a week or two, but just as a heads-up, we have several elk hunts available for the upcoming 2nd & 3rd rifle seasons in Colorado. Also, there are some private land elk hunts in New Mexico during October 1st to December 31st. Call us for the details and prices.

We have been working on this next surprise since November of last year. We have formed a strategic partnership within the industry that will now allow us to provide hunting & fishing adventures in South Africa, Russia, New Zealand & South America.  If you have a “bucket list”, we can now provide even more assistance in filling it.

On occasion we visit a lodge that has a lot more than just hunting and fishing. One of the sites we visited in Colorado has activities virtually all year long. So, we are adding a new category on the website for those locations. If a hunter or fisherman wants to take his family along, he can do his activity while they enjoy the other options available. Look for the new section soon.

This is shaping up to be a great year for Trail Escapes & for all our clients.  We thank you for letting us help you with your adventures.


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