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As we head into hunting season, let's stop and take the time to remember the tragic events that transpired ten years ago. Everyone who's old enough to remember the events of 9/11 can tell you exactly where they were when they first heard the news.

 Some had family or friends who were lost in the attacks. To them we vow, we will always remember. For some of us, we were also affected later, when loved ones in the military were called to serve.

 As the proud father of two sons, one who served in Afganistan, the other in Iraq, I always go out of my way to say thank you to our fellow citizens  who serve in the military, police and fire departments. So to them I say a heartfelt, Thank You.

Let's Go Hunting (or fishing)

Trail Escapes has created a number of hunting and fishing adventures for our Clients. We have personally visited and approved every lodge, outfitter and charter operation that we represent.

 We can create a custom designed trip for individual clients, groups or businesses. Let us take care of the research, planning and booking of your next outdoor adventure. Thank you.

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Our Featured Lodge of the Month
Southern Sportsman Hunting Lodge is truly one of the places where great southern style hunting was born. The Alabama lodge has been host to many celebrities, not only in the hunting world, but in music, entertainment and sports as well. They also have been featured on many outdoor television shows over the years.

 The tradition, the outstanding hunting, the food and the lodge itself, all serve to make this one of the finest hunting lodges in the United States.The great hunting on over 6000 acres, fine southern-style cooking, excellent lodge facilities and the experienced guides and staff all make this an experience any serious outdoorsman must have.

Trail Escapes and Don Dubuc are proud to host a Cajun Invasion Deer Hunt at Southern Sportsman lodge. We will be making a four day hunt on December 1st through the 5th this year. Don will be doing his Saturday morning radio show live from the lodge.  If you were to only make one hunting trip this season, this should be the one. Space is limited, so go to for more details. We'll see you there!

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