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March Newsletter

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Our Featured lodge of the Month

Since Turkey season is almost here, we are featuring one of our Alabama lodges. This one is representing all of our Alabama locations.  All our lodges in Bama are reporting great numbers of Turkeys. In fact, they’re expecting one the best seasons in a long time. Be sure to check our website for the lodge you want to go to and call us to book your trip.

On the banks of the Tombigbee River in Alabama, lies a hunting lodge in “God’s Country”. The 8000+ acres of oak bottoms, pine plantation and cutover is perfect habitat for both Deer and Turkey on the River. 

The two comfortable lodges are located overlooking the river and have spectacular views from the decks and porches. The meals are second to none and may include fish you caught fresh from the 36 acre lake on the property.

The goal of the staff is to ensure that you have a great time, and have the best chance possible to harvest a quality Deer or Turkey. Whether you’re sitting in the blind in the morning or sitting around the fire pit at night, you’ll be having the time of your life.

The rate for the lodge is $500 a day with a two-day minimum. This includes accommodations, all meals, transportation to and from the blinds.

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Let the Shows Begin

We kicked off our outdoor show season with the FLORIDA SPORTSMAN EXPO in Ft. Walton, Florida on February 25th and 26th. This was our first show in Florida and we were very impressed.  We met a lot of new friends and had a very favorable response to our company and its concept. The picture is of Bill Lipscomb, my “second-in-command” Jay Farmer and myself. Bill was the winner of our drawing for the one-man chair blind.

We will be at the Louisiana Sportsmen’s Show in Gonzales, March 9th-11th at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center and at the  2nd Annual Northshore Boat-N-Fishing Show at the Northshore Harbor Convention Center in Slidell, LA on March 16th-18th. We hope to see you there.

Along with the upcoming shows, we will be making several research trips this spring. We’ve had many requests for Elk hunting, so we’ll be adding locations in Colorado, as well as some great spots for hunting and fishing in Canada. As we continue to grow and offer more opportunities for outdoor adventures, we keep our core purpose in mind. We will offer only the best locations to our clients and make sure they receive the best value we can provide.

Thank you for all your support,


Trail Tails

Hi all you pups and pooches out there! This is Mousse, the chocolate lab, with another edition of Trail Tails.

You know, sometimes I just don’t understand humans. (Ok, maybe most of the time.) Here Dad has a perfectly good, or dare I say EXCEPTIONAL retriever (OK Dad, I can hear you snickering!!)  And he only takes me hunting a few months out of the year. Look, turkeys are birds, right? Labs retrieve birds, right? So why can’t I go turkey hunting with him. I mean, how hard can it be? I don’t even have to swim to go get them. Sure, I might accidently take a bite out of a drumstick but so what, small price to pay for bringing it back.

 What’s that Dad? Wait a second, HOW big do they get? And, what’s a spur and WHAT do they do with it? Uh, never mind, maybe I’ll just go get a nice turkey sandwich from the fridge.


Fishin with B

Hello everyone, Brian Lashua here.  I’ve been after Dad to add a little bass fishing into the newsletter, so the onus is on me to help out.  This month we’ll have a quick chat on locating bass in spawn vs. pre-spawn.  The exact time bass will spawn will vary greatly depending on state, body of water, weather conditions, water temp, full moon, etc.

Pre-spawn bass will be moving from their deep water winter haunts towards the shallow spawning flats.  They will relate heavily to vertical structure such as trees, lay downs, docks, etc.  Spawning bass will already be on the spawning flats in shallow water, usually 3-10 feet. 

The easiest way I’ve found to find what stage they are in quickly is to get a contour map of the lake you plan on fishing.  Circle all of the different spawning areas with a pen.  Then circle the deepest parts of the lake with different color pen.  Draw a straight line between the spawning area and the closest deep water area and BAM!  There is the migratory route that the bass are most likely to take. 

Pay strict attention to any creek channels or areas that will hold bass along the way.  Start deep and work your way shallow until you find them. 

I hope this helps.  I am no Bassmaster Elite angler or a professional fisherman.  I’m sure they have a better method (plus a lot of fancy side scan depth finders that I can’t afford).  I am a father of two small boys with a full time job.  This is the way I go about maximizing my time on the water.

Tight lines.

Brian Lashua

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Till next time, keep your paws dry and your noses wet.



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