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 AUGUST 2015
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Help Desk Q & A

Q:  How can I write a distribution check to myself or a partner?
A: First the payee (you) must be  set up  as a vendor in the AdLaw program, before issuing yourself any payments. Anyone who receives a check from your firm must first be set up as a vendor, including partners, or anyone who is entitled to a distribution check including clients who require a refund check.


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View our list of Frequently Asked Questions at winvantage.com or browse to the "FAQ" link under "Help" on AdLaw's home screen and enjoy a faster, more efficient experience with AdvantageLaw!
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Our Help Desk is ready to assist customers from 8am - 5pm MT.  
To check your status or to renew your annual contract with AdvantageLaw Software, email support@advantagelaw.com

August Insider Tip: General Ledger Set Up

Did you know that AdvantageLaw can handle all your accounting needs? For example, you can use your program to set up and use your General Ledger to ensure a seamless bookkeeping experience for your law firm.
To get started on using the GL function, follow these steps below (from the AdLaw home screen):
Initial Set Up of GL
1) Go to “Master Files”
2) Select “Chart of Accounts”
3) You may use the GL accounts that are already in place with the AdvantageLaw program
4) Alternatively, browse to the desired GL account line and right mouse click on the line
5) A green line will appear and you may manually input a new account.
6) The system is set to default to a GL number and it is not recommended to change the GL code, unless you have never used the account
Set Up Existing GL Balances 
1) Go to “Master Files” screen
2) Under the “Control” header, select “Control File”
3) Change the “Accounting Month” to the desired start date in order to sync the data
4) Go to “Financials” screen    
5) Select “Trial Balance” from the drop down menu on the right in order to see the accounts that are in place
6) Return to “Financials” screen
7) To manually enter the beginning balances select “Year View” to see a chart of your balances
8) Select the “Balances” tab and you will see a yellow column
9) Manually enter in the desired trust balances
10) Select “Utilities” and chose “Update beginning Balances” from the drop down menu
11) Check the balances to ensure all the manually entered data synced.
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