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 September 2015
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Help Desk Q & A

Q: How can we record pro-bono hours in order to easily record and track the number of hours and value of services provided?
A: Add a new client and assign a name of "ADMIN" or similar. Then add a matter to the new "ADMIN" client.  Next add matters to "ADMIN" as needed (e.g., "PROBONO", "VACATION", "MARKETING" etc.).  In the Matter View for these matters, change billing basis to: A (admin) or N (no charge/probono).  Use these matters to enter time and hours will automatically be posted as non-billable time and will appear on invoices and reports as separate total.

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View our list of Frequently Asked Questions at winvantage.com or browse to the "FAQ" link under "Help" on AdLaw's home screen and enjoy a faster, more efficient experience with AdvantageLaw!
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September Insider Tip: How to Solve Your Document Management Issues

Are you considering a move to Worldox  or another costly document solution?

If your law firm is struggling to manage its electronic documents, then we encourage you to take a look at the "Document Manager" feature, which is already built into your AdvantageLaw software program.

Why spend additional time and money on a new system, when AdvantageLaw already provides an excellent way to store, manage and retrieve documents in the secure enviroment of your law firm?

With our Document Management you can:

  • link to documents anywhere on your system
  • include emails in the document library
  • allow global access to all indexed files
  • create file profiles for each document containing keywords for searching, author designation, priority level, subject matter, etc. 
The best part is that there is absolutely no need to move files from your current structure for indexing!  Here is a sample screen within AdvantageLaw: 


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AdvantageLaw has launched a mobile timekeeping application
iPhones and iPads

 AdLaw's App Can Save You Time!

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