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 Janurary 2016
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Q:  How can I get help after AdLaw's Help Desk is closed for the day?  

A: AdLaw has provided several ways for our customers to find answers to your questions. Here are a few of our "after hours" suggestions:
1) On your AdLaw home screen, click on "Help" (on the top navigation) and browse three (3) detailed guides covering the following areas:
  • Guide 1: System Installation/Time & Billing
  • Guide 2: Accounting
  • Guide 3: Case Management

2) Mini versions of our guides appear on select screens when you are inside the AdLaw program. Look for "Help" on the navigation bar. 

3) We have a FAQ document where you can find  several of the most commonly asked questions our Help Desk hears. You can find the FAQs here.

4) Visit us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for daily tips and other useful information.

5) Visit our website section called "What's New" for periodic updates or to review past editions of Insider Advantage.

If you can not find the answers you need, email us support@advantagelaw.com and include lots of detail, such as error codes and/or a screen shots when possible.

January Insider Tip:  Top 4 Tech Trends of 2016 for Law Firms

In this month's newsletter, we share an article that we think you will find interesting by Zach Abramowitz of "Above the Law" regarding top trends that law firms should be watching in 2016. 

4 Legal Tech Trends to Watch For in 2016
As 2015 comes to a close, it’s only natural to peek ahead to see what’s in store for 2016.  As a whole, legal technology is still just a baby of an industry which pales in comparison to the technology revolution going on in the financial industry. It remains an open question whether legal-tech startups will be attractive targets for early stage venture capital companies.  But 2015 began to show some serious promise with some of the biggest Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists placing bets on legal tech.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve in your law firm, or if you’re thinking about joining a new law firm, it’s important to start identifying trends. Here are four trends that I think are going to be hot in 2016.

1.  Artificial intelligence will be much improved

2.  Analytics tools for law firms more prevalent  

3.  Legal marketplaces will emerge for clients online

4.  Non-lawyers starting legal startups and lawyers starting non-legal startups

Those are trends to watch for the 2016 year and beyond, but we are certain there are others. Read full article here

Zach Abramowitz is a former Biglaw associate and currently CEO and co-founderof ReplyAll.  You can reach him by email at zach@replyall.me.

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