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 February 2016
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From Our Help Desk: 

Question: How can I assign new rates on a single Matter or Client ID?

Answer: First enter the new rate for each timekeeper and matter in the appropriate fee rate tables. Then, use this utility to apply the rates retroactively to any unbilled time entries in the system with the old rate. Once you complete this first, then from the home screen:
1) Go to “Billing”
2) Select “Utilities” > “Billing Utilities”
3) From the “Time & Billing Utilities” screen, enter following information as needed:
-  Date Range: Start and end dates for time entries
-  Client ID: To restrict processing to one client
- Staff ID: To restrict processing to one timekeeper
-  Matter ID: To restrict processing to one matter
-  Note: leave all fields blank to apply rates to all unbilled entries
4) From the table below, select “Apply New Rates”
5) Select “Start (F2)” to change unbilled time entries to reflect new rates as entered in the staff and matter rate table

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February Insider Tip:  Deactivating or Deleting a Timekeeper


About this time of year, we get a fair number of questions about how to remove or deactivate a former employee from the AdvantageLaw program.  Easy enough! Read below for the simple steps to do this.  

Keep in mind that there is a difference between deactivativing and deleting timekeepers.  When you deactivatate a timekeeper you can retain a history of all his or her hours, notes, calendar, and other data within the software program.  However, when you  delete a timekeeper, you will loose access to his or her historic records, which could skew your end of month or end of year reporting.

Deactivating Timekeepers (keeps history of user data):

  • Go to "Firm Set Up" 
  • Select the row of timekeeper to deactivate
  • Un-check the red arrow in column "Active"
  • Select "Save" in the upper right corner
  • This timekeeper's data will remain in the AdLaw history, but he or she can no longer access the program to add hours, or other data. 

Deleting Timekeeper (keeps no history of user's data):
  • Go to "Firm Set Up" 
  • Select the row of timekeeper to delete 
  • Select "Details" on the left hand side 
  • Confirm the correct timekeeper apears in the box
  • Select "Delete" in the upper right corner
  • Choose "OK" when prompted to delete the timekeeper
  • This timekeeper's data will NOT remain in the AdLaw program history

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