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 eissue 16/Winter 2014

Introducing Our New Multifocal Management Program!


To streamline and simplify the fitting and ordering of multifocal lenses for Eye Care Practitioners, Art Optical has introduced the “FlexFit Multifocal Management Program.” The portfolio of proprietary lens designs offered in the FlexFit program include the Renovation series, which is the nation’s leading GP multifocal; as well as the mPower! and CLASIKcn GP designs; and the Intelliwave Multifocal & Multifocal Toric custom soft lenses. This comprehensive range of custom design options allows the ECP to manage all types of presbyopic patients – from emerging to advanced presbyopes, to post-LASIK patients now requiring near correction, and for those over 40 with extreme cylinder or an out-of-inventory parameter Rx.

When working with a professional fitting consultant, the FlexFit program allows ECP’s unlimited fit adjustments and design changes in a 6-month fitting period, with full cancellation/money back privileges. For added convenience and to save the practice handling time and return shipping expense, refit lens returns are no longer required and instant credit processing has been implemented.

The goal of the FlexFit program is to reduce the risk involved with multifocal fitting so ECP’s can feel confident introducing the multifocal option to a broader range of their presbyopic patients. The flexibility of the lens design platform and the simplification of policies are geared toward improving fitting success, saving chair time, reducing return handling and making multifocal patient management easier and more efficient for all ECP’s.



Presbyopic Options for the Post Lasik Patient
by Nicole Edwards, NCLEC-AC
Fitting Consultant


History:  Patient JG, age 48, is a post Lasik patient. Surgery was done in August of 1998. Patient’s original keratometer and spectacle refraction from 1997 was as follows:


OD: 43.87/43.50, -4.25+1.25x010
OS:  43.87/43.62, -4.75+0.50x170

VA 20/20 OU

Patients 2003 post-surgical information is as follows:
OD -0.75+0.75x010
OS -0.50+0.50x10
VA 20/20 OU

The most recent spectacle refraction from 2008 was:
OD -0.75+1.00x010
OS -1.00+0.75x180

Add +1.75 OU



Join us for our “Lunch @ the Lab” Seminar Series

Utilizing the capabilities of our new onsite Technical Training Center, we've announced a series of lunchtime seminars to be held monthly in 2014. “Lunch @ the Lab” will be held on the final Wednesday of every month from 12:30-1:30 pm EST at the Art Optical Technical Training Center.

The “Lunch @ the Lab” Seminar Series will incorporate both lecture-based and hands-on practical training and each session will focus on timely topics of interest to specialty contact lens practitioners. To review the topics scheduled for upcoming “Lunch @ the Lab” seminars and to register, click here.

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