November 18, 2015

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1st Place Winner of the CD Fit 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge in Oct 2015
545am CD Fit Largo Class
Instructor: Judson Tallandier
She dropped 14 lbs during the 21 Day Challenge and 23 lbs total in 1 year!

"I really wanted to win this challenge. Todd Williams, (Winner of the 21 Day Challenge in Mar 2015), had a really good plan and I used his this go around. My motivation this go around, besides the awesome prizes, was that I needed to kick my weight loss up a notch. I had plateaued a little. I got use to eating the same things, specifically the bad carbohydrates. I would eat the white bread/rolls, french fries and white rice. Moderation is key, but I found myself eating those more and more. So, even though I was working out I wasn’t making any moves regarding my weight loss. I did see gains with muscle and being toned. I used the 21 day challenge as a way to eliminate the bad carbs and sugars from my diet in order to get a clean start. 

A year ago, I weighed almost 170lbs. I vowed to lose 20lbs by the next doctor's visit. I actually managed to lose 23lbs from a year ago. Besides my doctor recommending some weight loss, I needed to do it for me. I constantly felt tired and I never had a good feeling about myself. The CD Fit bootcamp has helped me push myself and I am truly grateful to Judson and CD Fit for being an awesome trainer and fitness program. I may not always appreciate those jump squats or burpees when we’re doing them, but the results are pretty good. These challenges where we try to eliminate bad stuff for a time period actually helps me do it long term. I’ve managed to eliminate sodas from my diet. I know it’s just one thing, but you start small and build up. That’s what I’ve managed to do over this year.  

How I achieved this...

My eating plan was similar to Todd's.

5:00am Protein Shake

5:45am CD Fit Largo class with Judson Tallandier

7:30am 2 eggs with Spinach. I didn't measure the spinach. I usually just filled the pan because it cooked down a lot. Sometimes I would add some chicken leftover from the previous meal. 8-16 oz of water

10:00am unsalted almonds or unsalted cashews. 8oz if water

12:00pm 5oz of salmon or baked chicken thighs w/o the skin or steak or lamb. Lamb is fatty but I like it. I trim most of the fat.

All with sautéed broccoli and garlic cooked in olive oil. I would cut up a bunch of fresh broccoli. A half head of broccoli per meal usually. 8-16 oz of water

3:00pm can of tuna in water

6:00pm dinner was lunch repeated. 8-16 oz of water

8:00pm gym for extra 45 minutes of cardio (particularly on the days I did not make it to class, and at least 2 days per week on my off days from class)

9:30pm protein shake slow digesting (Todd mentioned in his plan).

For my lunch and dinner:

Skinless Chicken thighs or breasts

Lean ground beef usually 10% fat

Thin slices of Lamb shoulder with fat trimmed.

Vegetables: broccoli, kale, spinach and asparagus.

I eliminated: all bread, dairy(cheese, yogurt, milk), fruit and sugar. I had little to know carbohydrates for this plan. If I ever found myself hungry I would just eat a handful of almonds or cashews. I drank only water. No juices, coffee, alcohol or tea.

(Note: Todd had a cup of black coffee each morning before the 5:55am class while on the low carb diet that helped him to drop 26 lbs in 21 days. I suggest the same because your energy levels will be a little low on this eating plan. Also, for long term health I would suggest that you add 1 to 2 servings of fresh fruit to your meal plan if you plan to follow this eating plan for the long term. Fruit is a necessary item to include into your diet on a daily basis for long term health. CD)


I attended the CD Fit 545am Largo class as regularly as possible. When I wasn’t able to get to class I did manage to go to the gym in the evenings when I missed the morning class. I admit that my gym workouts are not as intense as when I attend Judson’s class. My routine was to do 45 minutes of cardio with either the step machine, elliptical or treadmill (low-impact on joints) followed by stretching, push-ups, sit-ups and planks. I worked out at least 6 days a week (4 CD Fit classes and 2 off days). On some days I would add an extra cardio routine on days when my daughter didn’t have a game or late practice. I did find with the low/no carbohydrate plan, my energy level was low in the morning. By the evening I had a little more energy.

My advice is to keep pushing. It took time to get the weight on, it’s going to take time to get it off."

- Deirdre Baruti 

Deirdre Baruti 
545am Largo Class
Instructor:  Judson Tallandier
She dropped 10lbs during the 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge in Mar 2015

"My weight loss journey has been a challenge. I can't remember a day that I didn't think about my weight and how I wanted to be super skinny. Funny how what we perceive true beauty to be and it has nothing to do with weight! Learning that now.

 Almost a year ago, I participated in a 5k with some pretty cool coworkers. This was my first 5k. I had no real expectations except I thought, it can't be that tough. Well, I was wrong. For someone who hadn't done that much physical activity in years, it was a rude awakening. And the photos they took really hit me like a brick. I vowed that my next 5k would be better.  So, I started actually using my gym membership with group classes and I tried CrossFit. I think CrossFit was good in some aspects but I didn't really like it. 

My friend Todd (winner of the 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge in March 2015) was talking about this really good Groupon deal he found with CD Fit. I wasn't quite ready, actually scared, because he would come back totally drenched in sweat and completely worn out. The fun runs, the bear crawls and burpees, I was like no way I could do those things. He said the only way to progress is to push yourself. And he was right. So, I gave it a shot. I joined the 5:45am class in Mitchellville/Largo with Judson. And that's where the terms "don't bring those baby rattlers next time" and "easy work today people" became terms of endearments! Everyone encourages you and that really helps. I am getting stronger and I am losing the weight that I want.

The last weight loss challenge (March 2015) helped push up my weight loss. I eliminated soda and store bought juices, fried foods, fast food, white bread, pasta and cut back on the sugary stuff. I limited my carb intake to before noon and after that, it was pretty much meat and dark green vegetables. I dropped a little over 10 lbs in 21 days. I'm proud of myself because for the first time in a very long time, I'm putting me first!

 Thank you Clarence for having a program like CD Fit. Thank you Judson for making getting up at 4:30am worth it! Thank you Todd for giving me the push and encouragement I so desperately needed. And saving the best for last, thanks to my daughter Aja, for pushing me out of bed and making sure I didn't eat bad food.

My next 5k is this June. I'm looking forward to running across the finish line!"

Deirdre Baruti
545am Largo Class
Instructor:  Judson Tallendier 



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