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Hello again in this beautiful spring day!

You may have spotted that we feel pretty strongly that sustainability considerations ought to underly all innovation activities...  So much exciting things are happening in this area! So when the following two items crossed our desk (well, computer) in the space of 24 hours we did not want to ignore it. The first is a conference that looks at the treasure (and innovation opportunities) that lies in rubbish.

The second is a company a wonderful lady who is part of our Wider Community is involved in that is already living it, and is using recycled plastic bottles to create all sorts of textile products, and it is all closed-loop! The company is called 
Waste 2 Wear; have a look at their lovely and informative videos!

It seems quite fitting at this point to introduce a particular member of the ILF Friends, Denise De Luca whom Bettina
had the privilege of hearing speak at a NESTA event back in 2012 on Denise's favourite topic: biomimicry. Taken immediately with the content, and the passion and knowledge behind the delivery Bettina approached Denise – and despite having exchange only a few words on that occasion, and Denise returning to the US shortly afterwards, they have stayed in touch since. Most recently Denise has set up Vibrant OS to explore the gift of biomimicry in the context of leadership.

Sustainability has also appeared on the Wisdom page of the ILF website. Recently we shared an article about the relevance of debating on growth vs sustainability and another one about  ethical shopping. In addition we have also published articles about the future of innovation, how differing work styles can help teams performance and some insights from a report about London boroughs taking collaborative approaches to improve community life.   


Talking about publications, Bettina has recently been asked to contribute a perspective piece on the latest report of the Business Performance Innovation Network (BPI Network), ”Innovation: The New Competitive Equation” which has been published in ‘Brainwaves‘, BPI’s Networks Journal. In her article she argues why becoming more innovative requires a mindset shift. We are delighted to share with you her thoughts on the subject. By the way, you may of course also be interested in the report which is free to download

If you hear 'entrepreneur' which age group comes to mind?!  Mid twenties to thirties?  Think again! Bettina was rather pleased about a recent article that indicates that the Baby Boomers (born between 1946-1964) are the new entrepreneurs! Never too early - never too late!

Edna Pasher, a members of the ILF Wider Community, has shared with us some insights on this participative conference to explore innovation in project management, held in Israel last year. After informative lectures, attendees split into groups to answer the question: “How, and in what ways, did you try to innovate on a project you recently managed (even if you did not succeed)?”. Theirs key findings were:

  • Success is the product of teamwork and partnerships. To lead change you need to work in a group and be a successful coordinator.
  • Sometimes all we have to do as managers is not interfere. A project will experience innovation if we support the team members in being creative and innovative individually.
  • The future of innovation lies in the informal behaviour of managers in the workplace.
  • “Intrapreneurship” means implementing entrepreneurship in the organisation as a whole, as well as in the project. Bring Silicon Valley culture into the organisation.

We feel the findings hold true in the context of innovation generally... If you speak Hebrew, we recommend you to click here to find out more about the Who and What of the event.


As all of the ILF's  Students in Residence have come from Central St Martin's Masters in Innovation Management it is our great pleasure to share the blog in which they introduce this year's dissertation with you - have a look! If you want to find out more, their projects are going to be exposed to the public at Central Saint Martin's Degree Show week which starts on the 23rd of June. The Innovation Management graduates will be exploring their new roles positioned on the edge of emerging paradigms, converting creative tensions into opportunities for innovation. 



European Growth by Design
Date: 7th May, 2015
Location: Brussels

European Growth by Design is a high-level summit focussing on how design can boost innovation and create economic growth across Europe. This event will be a chance to hear the European Commission’s plans to unleash Europe’s potential and ensure global competitiveness. It’s also an opportunity to learn first-hand from business leaders how to use design to create better products and services, increasing profits and improving customer experience. The event is free and you can learn more about it here.

United Success Women Entrepreneurs Symposium
Date: 17th to 20th May, 2015
Location: Rome

While this is really an event for women entrepreneurs who are subscribed members of UnitedSucces (which Bettina is delighted to be!), we feel that some of the women entrepreneurs amongst you would really enjoy, and benefit from, being part of this amazing group, and have hence asked to be able to share this with you :-). You can find out a little more here, on their website or by contacting UnitedSucces' Communications Officer, Jill Sheen.


DesignThinkers Bootcamp Week
Date: 1st to 5th June, 2015
Location: London

The week long session is a combination of master classes, in depth sessions on how to apply design thinking to business using service design thinking methodology and tools, plus some personal coaching. All this working with a team of highly experienced design thinking practitioners from the worlds of business, design and academia. To get to know more please click here.

The ILF Wider Community is entitled to a special discount. The early bird rate remains, you just need to to mention that you are part of the ILF Wider Community. As for the members of the ILF Networking Group, just get in touch with us on how to get your special 15% discount.


The European Packaging Network
Date: 22nd & 23rd June, 2015
Location: Reading

The requirements and pressures on modern packaging is changing. Packaging in FMCG, Food & Drink and Retail is having to become more intelligent, versatile, sustainable and creative; as well being able to instantly as communicate information about the product and brand to drive company growth.

The Network Group pan-European event is for Senior Directors involved in packaging and its various disciplines to understand and solve these challenges by hearing relevant case studies, share best practice and hear from some of the cutting edge branding, materials, technology and innovation providers. To get to know more please click here.

The ILF Wider Community is entitled to 10% off the ticket price with the code ILF10. Members of the ILF Networking Group please get in touch with us for more information on how to claim your 20% discount. 


Also, we would like to remind you of three interesting events that are taking place all around the globe this May. They are:

FEI: Front End of Innovation USA
Date: 18th to 20th May, 2015
Location: Boston

PD+I 2015
Date: 20th & 21st May 2015
Location: London

Annual Front End of Innovation Summit
Date: 28th & 29th May, 2015
Location: Berlin


All the best wishes - hope you can enjoy the beautiful spring, your ILF Team (Bettina, Caroline & Lis).
Twitter: @InnovLead4um

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