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Dear all,

In the running up to the year end  we thought we share some of good reads with you, so here out first: we have previously mentioned Giles Hutchins’ book,
The Illusion of Separation, which uses a philosophical approach to explore the root causes of our current economic, political and environmental crises, and ways to rectify these causes at source. Now you can get it with 20% discount with the code AF104 when ordering it here.

Our friends at 100%Open (link to website) have just launched Colombia CO4, an ambitious open innovation programme they are running in collaboration with INNpulsa, the government agency in charge of promoting innovation-led growth in ColombiaIn this programme 11 of the country's most influential companies are sharing their innovation challenges and looking for partners to find solutions. Perhaps this might be something for you? Check out the 38 challenges, register and submit your proposal! Submissions close end of November. 


Another member of our community, Chris Thomason, has written an article that challenges the wisdom of brainstorming. Offering 14 reasons he suggests that brainstorming with its age of over 60 ought  to be retired from the portfolio of business thinking tools. We think it might be a bit harsh, and that we should respect our elders though agree that he has a point.  What do you think?

We have recently received an e-mail from the Biomimicry Institute. We found their work very interesting as they are sharing ways of how biomimicry is empowering people to look and apply nature’s design lessons. Their Design Challenge will open in January to both students and professional. Check out more here


If you are interested in Bettina's thoughts on what the impact of the Internet has got to do with leadership challenges - and do read German, click here.




RE.WORK Internet of Things Summit
Date: 06th-07th November 2014
Location: San Francisco

First, we would like to remind you of this Summit, organised by RE.WORK. It will showcase the opportunities of emerging trends in the IoT and its' impact on business & society. Topics will include: Wearables, Big Data, Future Cities, Wearables, Connected Home, Smart Energy, Sensors and M2M.

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Executive MasterClass "Best Practice in Open Innovation"
Date: 10th-12th November 2014
Location: London

Another event which is fast approaching is this three day masterclass about Best Practices in Open Innovation. Discussion will be around the rise of Open Innovation as a new strategic imperative, the importance of co-creation, the future of open innovation and how to develop an action plan.

As part of the ILF community you can enjoy 10% discount on this course with the code BPO10. Please click here for more information. 



Location and Context World
Date: 2nd-3rd December 2014
Location: JW Marriott, San Francisco

This conference will be covering the next generation in Personalized Computing. Directed to innovators driving the new revolution of personalized services, it will bring discussions and talks around proximity and beacons and the future of privacy.  For more information please click here

They are offering a special early bird discount until the 31st of October, so to register in advance is highly advised! On top of that enjoy 10% discount with the code I8K3C/DIS10. Members of the ILF should contact us for their special 15% discount code.



Chief Innovation Officer Summit
Date: 03rd-04th December 2014
Location: New York

The two days event will feature presentations, panel discussions, and workshops around the topics below:

  • Aligning Incentives to Innovation
  • Return on Innovation
  • Leading a Cultural Shift
  • Balancing Risk
  • Execution of Process Innovation
  • Competitive Advantage Through Innovation
  • Technological Trends

The ILF community can enjoy 15% off the ticket price with the code ILF15. As usual, members of the ILF should contact us for their special 20% discount code. For more information click here.



WORKTECH14 Buenos Aires
Date: 04th December 2014
Location: Buenos Aires

WORKTECH 14 Buenos Aires will be a forum for all those involved in the future of work and the workplace as well as real estate, technology and innovation. 

The topics that will be discussed are:

  • PHYSICAL + DIGITAL = The New Reality of Space.  
  •  Fostering Prosperous Creativity: key ingredients for a successful workplace? 
  • Work´s Evolution: Technology, Space and People in a New Paradigm.
  • What the Future Holds for us as a Nation 

Get 20% off the by registering as a members of the ILF community, just click here.  Members of the ILF networking group should contact us for their even more special discount. For more information about the conference click here.



WORKTECH14 Santiago
Date: 10th December 2014
Location: Santiago

On the following week, the WORKTECH group will be covering the same topics in Chile. It will be a great opportunity for the South American Innovators. The ILF wider community can get 20% off the by registering here.  Again, ILF’s Innovators Anonymous should contact us for their special discount. 



RE.WORK Cities
Date: 04th-05th December 2014
Location: London

The summit will bring to discussion the cutting-edge technologies on the horizon that are going to disrupt and inspire change for the future urban areas. Topics that will be covered are: 3D-Printing, Open Data, Connected Home, Synthetic Biology, Urban Infrastructure, Transport, Environmental Monitoring, and Smart Cities. For more information please click here

The ILF wider community has 10% discount on the ticket price with the code ILF10. Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us for their special 20% off discount code.


Intrapreneurship Conference 2014
Date: 10th-12th December 2014
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands


In a fast paced environment, companies are thriving to get always innovative and creative ideas that allow a profitable venture within the organization. Given that to be behave as an entrepreneur in a corporative setting is a really important skill-set. The Intrapreneurship Conference 2014 will bring together Corporate Innovation Managers, Intrapreneurs, Business Managers, HR-Managers and Innovation Consultants to discuss and discover best practices for implementing and leveraging Intrapreneurship. For more information click here

Use the discount code innovationleadershipforum to get 15% off.  To register click here. Members of the ILF should contact us for their special 20% discount code. 


All best wishes from your ILF Team (Bettina & Lis).


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