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Dear Fellow Innovators,

We have been partner with RE.WORK for years now and we really like the work that they are doing in spreading knowledge regarding innovation in business, leadership and technology. Last month, they held a summit in San Francisco about Deep Learning, which has become one of computing’s hottest topics. In this article, GigaOm reflect on Google's researcher Greg Corrado's talk. If you have missed the summit, or have been there and would like to find out about other people's insights from it, check it out Google's 4 easy lessons on deep learning.  

We would like to share with you the new project funded by the European Commission to support design-led innovation across Europe: Design for Europe. With this new platform they aim to help people use design to accelerate innovation across Europe, boosting economic growth and job creation. On their website, you will find a wide range of interesting material and a long list of free events in various European countries. We think it is worth to check it out.  

We have recently shared with you the new book by Dr. Ray Holland and Dr. Busayawan Lam: Managing Strategic Design. After a lot of pursuing, Ray managed to get a special 20% discount for the whole ILF Community. So, if you are interested in getting to know the authors' ideas for using design for innovation and developing/ enhancing creative environments go to and use the code AF15TWENTY.



Global Leadership Summit

Date: 19th to 20th March, 2015
Location: New York

At the Global Leadership Summit you can join discussions on issues surrounding the creation, communication, execution and sustainability of strategic initiatives within a company. Some of the topics are: Strategic Leadership, Leadership Development, Driving Customer Engagement Through Technology, Fostering Leadership and Management Consulting & Organization Development. To know more click here.

The ILF community has 10% discount of the ticket price with the code  ILF10. Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us regarding their 20% discount code.

The Ambidextrous Organisation Breakfast
Date: 17th March, 2015
Location: The Shard, London

OE Cam is hosting their third HR breakfast event. The theme of the session will be “The Ambidextrous Organisation: how we create an organisation that can both deliver today whilst creating tomorrow". Over breakfast it will be shared tools and techniques on how to build the ambidextrous organisation and create a much better fit between the drive for efficiency and compliance and the pursuit of creativity and innovation will be shared. The two speakers, Mark Brown, creator of the Dolphin Index and Mark Goodridge, Chairman of Organisation Effectiveness Cambridge, will explore three angles: ambidextrous leadership, developing the thinking and skills for ambidextrous working and organising the ambidextrous organisation.

To find out more please click here. While OE Cam events are gerenally invitation-only, those from our community who are interested in attending should email Helen Pybus at

Chief Innovation Officer Summit
Date: 30th of March & 1st April, 2015
Location: London

In this summit insights on the essence of innovation & the leading actions to change a structured process that drives business growth will be shared through key topics and discussions such as:

  • What does a successful innovation leader look like?
  • How do you build a structured innovation process?
  • What about measuring achievements?
  • Why should you have an innovation portfolio?
  • What must you do to foster an effective culture?

The ILF Wider Community has a 10% discount on the ticket price with the code  ILF10. Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us regarding their 20% discount code. For more information please click here.

Open Innovation Summit
Date: 30th of March & 1st April, 2015
Location: London

At the same time as the Chief Innovation Officer Summit, Innovation Enterprise will be also hosting the Open Innovation Summit. Here various types of OI programmes will be explored, looking at how companies can minimise costs, increase their innovation quota, and build a robust capability.

Key topics are:

  • The convergence of exponential technologies & innovation
  • Analysing different business models for open innovation
  • Developing a joint commercial and institutional innovation strategy
  • Open innovation program development
  • Creating an action plan for new products

The ILF Wider Community receives a 10% discount on the ticket price (code  ILF10). Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us regarding their 20% discount code. Please click here to see more.

9th Annual Open Innovation Conference
Date: 13th to 15th April, 2015
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Another conference about Open Innovation will be happening in Philadelphia in April. The 9th Annual Open Innovation Conference will provide innovation leaders with the opportunity to benchmark legal frameworks to govern IP challenges, examine the role of emerging disciplines in open innovation, and identify new strategies for securing new strategic partners to achieve innovation objectives. To know more please click here

Marcus Evans has agreed on giving a $200 discount to all members of the ILF Community. So, if you plan to attend this conference please get in touch with Abby by e-mail.


Also, we would like to remind you all of two upcoming events:

Front End Innovation EMEA
Date: 17th, 18th & 19th May, 2015
Location: Boston

IIR will hold a conference focused on innovation and collaboration in Boston, in particular looking at topics such as Front-End Development, Technology, Computer, Software and Software development. Download the brochure here.

The ILF Wider Community has 15% discount with the code FEI15ILF. As for the Members of the ILF Networking Group, you should contact us for your special 25% discount code.


RE.WORK Internet of Things Summit
Date: 12th & 13th March, 2015
Location: London

The summit will showcase the opportunities of emerging trends in the IoT and its' impact on business & society, discussing topics such as sensors, big data, open data, connectivity and M2M (Machine to Machine). To learn more click here.

The ILF Wider Community has 10% discount on the ticket price with the code ILF10. Members of the ILF networking group should contact us for their special 20% discount code.

All best wishes from your ILF Team (Bettina, Caroline & Lis).


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