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As we are entering the last quarter of the year we are starting to think about new ideas for the ILF for 2015. Over the years, Bettina has had enquiries from fellow innovators who work in consultancies about becoming a member of Innovators Anonymous, the ILF’s Networking Group. However, as past experience has shown that the presence of consultants can change the atmosphere of the group we are not so sure that is the best solution. When someone suggested in a recent conversation, why not set up a group dedicated to consultants, we immediately liked the idea.  So, how about setting up such a group along similar lines of Innovators Anonymous? We would love to hear our community consultants’ thoughts on this. Please share with us! 


In July, Bettina was guest at Kevin Eikenberry’s 1 hour teleseminar titled “Remarkable Leaders Think and Act Innovatively” discussing questions such as, ‘What are necessary preconditions for innovation?’, ‘What is the relationship between collaboration and innovation?’ and ‘What can leaders do to challenge and encourage innovation in their organisation?’. The insightful result of the interview can be found here.

Another link that we are delighted to share is this one with the proceedings of the DMI International Design Management Research Conference: "Design Management in an Era of Disruption".
Did any of you have the chance to attend?  What are your thoughts?  


Chief Innovation Officer Summit
Date: 16-17.10.2014
Location: London

The organisers of the summit promise that it  will be a very interactive experience with workshops, roundtable sessions, panel discussions and other happenings over the course of two days. It aims to help participants understand how to build a structured innovation process, innovation metrics, and create breakthrough strategies. 

The ILF community has 15% discount with the code ILF15. As for the members, we got a special 20% off discount. Please get in touch with us to get your special code. For more information about the summit, click here.

Please let us know if you are attending as we will be there and would love to connect in person. Also, do not forget to apply for the Innovation & Strategy awards. The deadline is tomorrow!


GUV Summit 2014
Location: London

The Global University Venturing Summit will tackle the theme of “Innovation through Collaboration”, and discuss how universities foster innovation across campus, with peer institutions, investors, governments, and corporations. For more information click here

The event has a big range of passes to fit to different needs, please click here 
to check it out.  Use the code ILF15 to get 15% off the ticket price.

Fundamentals of Corporate Venturing 
Date: 23-24.10.2014
Location: London

There are now over 1,000 organisations that have ‘corporate venture units’, a third of which have been launched in the past three years. Corporate venturing is becoming more mature and there is still a need for learning and mistakes from the past to grow strategic value. Having this in mind, Andrew Gaule (who originally set up the Henley Incubator and stayed with it when it was bought by Global Management Consultancy Corven) and leaders of corporate venturing units around the world developed the Global Corporate Venturing two days training. For more information please click here

For this training we have got 10% discount for our community with the code FRIEND10. Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us for their special 20% discount code.

Open Innovation Summit
Date: 30-31.10.2014
Location: Chicago

Exponential Open Innovation is rapidly moving across boundaries and combining with entirely new categories enabling advances & causing disruptions across an array of industries, functions & disciplines. This summit will explore open innovation and allow attendees to network a lot.
The ILF wider community has 15% discount with the special code ILF15. Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us for their 20% discount code. For more information click here

Call for papers for ARTEM OCC 2015
Submission deadline: 31st of October
Event date: 26-27 March, 2015
Location: Nancy, France

We thought that this conference might interest the academics from our community. Their call for papers ends on the 31st of October. They are looking for material that tackles the topic of organisational creativity and sustainability in its different dimensions. They encourage papers around cross-disciplinary perspectives, theoretical, empirical research work, state of the art reviews, cases studies, field studies and doctoral research in progress. Aesthetic practices and artistic inquiries by artists, into organisational sustainability challenges are also welcome. Please click here for more information about it. 



All best wishes from your ILF Team (Bettina & Lis).



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