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Dear All,

We hope you have had an amazing festive season and are felling ready to start the New Year full of excitement and energy.

You may have noticed that we have already shared the odd bit of news of the things NESTA get up to and indeed we are including them even twice in this mailout!  Well, they do get up to a lot of exciting stuff. Were you aware of the Longitude Prize, the first open innovation challenge, issued by the British Government - in 1714? Now NESTA has launched the Longitude Explorer Challenge in which they invite young people (11-16 years old) to come up with ideas that use navigational and observational data from satellites for social good, not least to inspire them to get involved in and excited about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). The deadline to entry is 31st of January. If you are older and feel left out, check out the Longitude Prize 2014  which NESTA runs in collaboration with Innovate UK and which is about addressing the challenge of increased resistance to antibiotics. The assessement deadline is 31st of May

The WISE awards 2015 is aiming to build a network of recognized change-makers to inspire change in education. They are looking for innovative projects with creative solutions to today’s education challenges. For more information please download the
brochure, the official application form and the Guidelines. You can also find out more here. Applications will be accepted until January 15, 2015. 

We are really excited to help spread the news of ISPIM's freshly created Grand Prize for Excellence in Innovation Management! They are looking to recognise an ambitious, ingenious initiative with impressive results whereby they are more interested in the 'how' than the 'what'. Deadline for entries is April, 20th2015, the three top entries will be invited to present at next ISPIM's conference in Budapest where conference attendees will decide the final winner. You can find more information on their website.

We have always believed that fun and humour are a very useful part in the innovation armoury (not least because it helps to keep an open mind), so we are especially delighted to share news of 'My Other Futurean initiative for which NESTA has teamed up with Science Showoff. They are looking for volunteers to take on specific futures in a stand-up-comedian format; to quote, "You might be an economist who wants to pull apart the hype around Bitcoin, a cultural theorist who wants to champion experimenting with the Hunger Games or a closet virtual reality geek." You have until 18th January for your chance to stand-up in front of a friendly crowd. See NESTA's website.


Is there anyone of us who has never struggled with passwords online?  Where there is a challenge there is an (innovation) opportunity. Wider ILF Community member Jonathan Craymer has taken up the gauntlet and developed a
new system for password authentication. Shayype operates on one-time passwords, using patterns instead of passwords AND it requires no additional hardware such as tokens or mobiles.  While it seems almost too simple to be true, it is supported by a highly sophisticated backend.

Here now the particularly exciting bit: Jonathan is offering a few of our community who are using Drupal 7 Websites the opportunity to test out the system! If you would like to find out more visit Shayype's website or contact Jonathan Craymer directly.


Very recently we mentioned the crowdfunding initiative around the solar powered water desalination system. Here is a
video that shares a bit of the story - and the link to the crowdfunding website IndieGogo where the campaign remains open until 14th January.


Fundamentals of Corporate Venturing
Date: 20th-21st January 2015 & 5th-6th February 
Location: London & Palo Alto

First, we would like to remind you of the upcoming GCV Academy Fundamentals of Corporate Venturing program in London and Palo Alto. Click here to view a short video of the programme and download the London and Palo Alto brochure.

The Wider ILF Community will receive a discount of 10% - use FRIEND10; members of the ILF Networking Group get 20% - contact us for the relevant code.



RE.WORK Deep Learning Innovation Summit
Date: 29th-30th January, 2015
Location: San Francisco

Another event fast approaching is RE.WORK Deep Learning Innovation Summit. It will showcase the opportunities of advancing trends in deep learning and their impact on business & society.

As for all RE.WORK events, the ILF Wider Community is entitled to 10% discount with the code ILF10. Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us for their special 20% discount code.


Front End Innovation EMEA
Date: 11th-13th March, 2015
Location: Vienna, Austria

For 2015, FEI EMEA's theme is mobilizing innovation. The organisers are developing an interactive event with discussions, workshops, learning labs, collaborative projects, and field trips. Download the brochure for more information.

The ILF Wider community can save 15% on the event fee with the code FEI15ILF. Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us for their special 20% discount code. To register click here.



FT Innovate Latin America
Date: 17th-18th February, 2015
Location: Hilton Panama

Against the backdrop of the digital ‘big bang’ and a booming middle class in Latin America that finds itself with more disposable income, the inaugural FT Innovate Latin America 2015 conference will look at the role consumer plays in the innovation matrix.  It will also discuss the latest innovation stories from the most exciting companies across the region, and reveal the 'nuts and bolts' of innovation implementation within a corporate setting.

The ILF Wider community has 20% discount on the ticket price with the code ILF20. Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us for their special 25% discount. To learn more about the event click here.



Biomimicry Thinking for Social Innovation
Date: 19th-24th April, 2015
Location: California

Since 2002, Biomimicry 3.8 has been offering week-long immersion workshops to introduce participants to a new way of viewing and valuing the genius that surrounds us in the natural world. The next one, on Social Innovation, will be held on the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center in Occidental, California. Located in the heart of Sonoma, participants will have the opportunity to explore the mixed oak and redwood forests, the Pacific coastline, and wine country. For more information click here.


Living Future Unconference
Date: 1st-3rd April, 2015
Location: Seattle, WA

The International Living Future Institute is hosting its ninth annual unconference, while not quite sure what 'unconference' means, we like it! The forum is developed for people in the green building movement and will discuss innovative design strategies and cutting-edge technical information. Check out their website to learn more.

What an exciting start to the new year, so full of possibility and opportunity ...  May it continue that way!


All best wishes from your ILF Team (Bettina, Caroline & Lis).


Dr Bettina von Stamm, FRSA
Innovation Leadership Forum
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