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Dear Fellow Innovators,

If you are interested in new ways to assess innovation programs, we highly recommend this article co-written by Bettina and Rui Patricio from Continue to Grow. You can find it here.


Deepak Goel news: Our friend Deepak Goel (from India and around the world) has shared a document on
humanising with us that we cannot possibly keep to ourselves!  Have a look!

Now a somewhat different question!  The ILF website is currently being redeveloped a little - hopefully making it more user friendly. As part of this we would like to include some (attributed) quotes of how people feel what the ILF / Bettina do. Might you like to contribute?  Would be wonderful to have some new thoughts and comments!

Last minute addition: Bettina will be in New Delhi 21-15 November to attend a wedding at the weekend, deliberately adding the Friday and Monday to hopefully meet with a few from our community who are located there! She would be particularly delighted if anyone were willing to be interviewed for the Innovation Leading Practice & Future Challenges Research - or knew someone who would ;-). Or would just like to share some thoughts how to best use the time during her first trip to India. Please let us know


Magic in Photography: 8 doorways to beauty
Date: 29th-30th November 2014
Location: London

Through a long standing connection - and now two new ones - we have become aware of what looks like an interesting, inspiring and different workshop that will run in London 29/30 November. It is about using photography - a different way of seeing. Click here to find out more.


Leadership and Innovation in Complex Systems

Date: February 2015
Location: Copenhagen

We'd also like to share information on a programme that brings three of Bettina's favourite topics together: innovation, leadership and complexity: LAICS. This modular executive Masters Programme, developed in collaboration between Copenhagen Business School and Aarhus University, runs in four modules over 2 years. While the official deadline for the Spring intake is 15th November, we have it on good authority that it is not too late for those who are keen!  For further information click here.


Location and Context World

Date: 2nd-3rd December 2014
Location: JW Marriott, San Francisco

We would like to remind you all about this conference which will be focusing on Personalized Computing. They are offering 10% discount to our wider community with the code I8K3C/DIS10. Members of the ILF should contact us for their special 15% discount code. For more information please click here


Chief Innovation Officer Summit

Date: 2nd-3rd December 2014
Location: New York

Another event which is fast approaching is the CIO summit in New York in the first week of December. To learn more about the topics of discussions please click here. The ILF community can enjoy 15% off the ticket price with the code ILF15. As usual, members of the ILF should contact us for their special 20% discount code.


The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration 1

Date: 2nd-5th December 2014
Location: Potsdam/Berlin, Germany

The Collective Leadership Institute is offering a course on how to build long-term relationships with stakeholders from various sectors and get sustainable results quicker. To register please click here and contact Sabine Heckmann referencing to the code SC1-ILF to get 5% discount. Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us for their special code.


Innovation Leadership Experienced Event

Date: 04th-05th December 2014
Location: London

Finally, the 9th Innovation Leadership Experience event is fast approaching. It will be a 1½ day experience to explore self-awareness and authenticity, and their role and importance in the context of leadership and innovation. We would like to remind you that the event is free for members of the ILF Networking Group and that our ability to welcome Guests is limited; if you are interested, please let us know as soon as possible.

All best wishes from your ILF Team (Bettina & Lis).


Dr Bettina von Stamm, FRSA
Innovation Leadership Forum
+44(0)7767 428 457
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