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Dear Fellow Innovators,

In the past two weeks we have shared some Wisdoms on Leadership, Storytelling and the future of innovation. We highly recommend you to take some time this bank holiday to check it out :)

Innovation Assessments for the 21st Century  


Is your organisation interested in understanding what conditions for innovation are like?  Have you conducted an Innovation Assessment? Rui and Bettina believe that the Innovation Assessments available today (even Bettina's Innovation Wave...) have much room for improvement in terms of reflecting and representing the topic - innovation - and being more engaging to fill in.  Indeed, they have written an article about this. Well, that's what Rui and Bettina think. What do YOU think? Would be marvellous if you have the time to fill in a VERY short questionnaire by clicking here.

ILF Friends & Family & Networks

By the way, Rui is a Friend of the ILF and it is perhaps a good opportunity to introduce him here! It is fairly recently that Rui and Bettina met, at ISPIM 2014 to be exact. Like with so many other of the ILF's amazing friends, there is an itch to collaborate! One opportunity has already been realised: sharing thoughts on the innovation opportunity that lies in innovation assessments! Both agree that more fun and games is needed (and not only when it comes to the assessment of innovation, innovations as a whole benefits from being more fun, from being gamified. And that's just what Rui and his company, Continue to Grow, set out to do. Wonderful!


Prototyping a Sustainable Future

If we are not always talking about sustainability ourselves, we certainly hear a lot about it.  One of the certainties of sustainability is that we will never achieve it unless we seriously question and rethink the way we work and live currently.  But what are alternatives?  When a mutual friend alerted Bettina to a project called ‘POC21’ she was immediately fascinated, and asked for an introduction to one of the initiators, Dominik Wind ... it turned out that Bettina and Dominik had already met a few years back in connection with a project titled "Innovation Futures". POC21 is an amazing project, calling for makers, designers, engineers and scientists to apply to become part of a 100+ strong team who get together in a castle near Paris to prototype an open, sustainable future. The deadline is this Friday, the 1st of May.
To read the conversation about the project between Bettina and project initiator Dominik Wind click here.

 10 Types of Innovation - a new App


Some of you might be familiar with the US-based innovation consultancy Doblin, now part of Monitor Deloitte of Deloitte Consulting, who have developed the 10 types of innovation some time ago. They have now developed an iPad App, also called Ten Types of Innovation, to make it easier for those struggling with innovation to get their head around the InnovationScape, allowing users to test new ideas using the same framework that Doblin has used to simplify the creative process for its own clients. Learn more about it here.

Supporting the CrowdSpace 


Dr. Avtar Sehra, a member of the ILF Wider Community, has recently shared with us his new enterprise: Crowdaura is a service solution provider for the crowd economy. They develop advanced crowdfunding and crowdsourcing systems & support services for platform launch, charities, corporates and academics. They are also working as incubators for innovative crowd businesses. They have already kicked off some innovative projects with global partners in the US, Asia and Europe and they are looking to work with new partners on novel ideas and implementation of the technology. So if you think this is something that interests you please click here to learn more and contact them :)

Off to new lands for traditional publishers!

Looking in from the outside it certainly seems that the publishing industry is slow to catch up with the realities of the 21st century, characterised by DOC: digital, open, collaborative. Much seem to be done 'to' rather than 'by' the industry's existing players.  However, some are brave enough to start changing from the inside out!  Back in 2009 when Anna and Bettina were looking for a publisher of 'The Future of Innovation', most traditional publishers shied away from something where the 'table of content' was not fixed, the identify of authors was not known, and there would be about 150 of them!  Not so Gower, editor Jonathan Norman in particular, was open to the experiment, and where other publishers felt nervous about their plan to publish all submissions on an accompanying website, Jonathan was full of enthusiasm.  Now Gower has launched what we think is an exciting new site on the topic of 'Project Management' which brings together the following:

  • All of the content in over 100 Gower project management books, all fully readable online;
  • User generated content (articles, videos, slideshares and so on) submitted to and quality assured for relevance and style by the site's curator;
  • Eight subject-based question and answer forums;
  • Access to the expert authors and their profiles
  • By the way, all site users are able to create their profile on the site.

Unlike many other fora this one is being properly moderated.  Interested?  ‘Take the Tour’!



Innovation Forum - Call for submissions

Date: 13th, 14th, 15th & 16th March, 2016
Location: Boston

A member of the ILF family, ISPIM, the International Society for Professional Innovation Management, has announced a Call for Submissions for the Innovation Forum in Boston in March 2016 held in partnership with IAOIP - The International Association of Innovation Professionals and supported by D'Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University. Submissions from academic, research, consulting, industry, intermediary and policy organisations are encouraged and should focus on Information Technology and Innovation, Innovation in Emerging Markets, Innovation in Family Businesses and other themes. Please click here to see the full list.


GIL 2015: Europe
Date: 14th May, 2015
Location: London

In the 7th consecutive year, GIL 2015: Europe is bringing together a global network of visionaries and thought leaders teaching how to leverage innovation as a resource to address global challenges. This year, they continue sharing and engaging participants by welcoming Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Award recipients and their management teams to our community. These guests – visionaries, innovators and leaders – represent Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 “Best-in-Class” organisations and are a key driver fuelling their community’s thought leadership and global think tanks. In this conference, participants will gain access to a wealth of best-practice tools and strategies to support you in critical decision making as a member of your company’s Growth Team.

To learn more about this conference please click here or download the brochure. This is an invitation only event. Please get in touch with Pim to learn more.

Insurance Innovation Summit

18th May, 2015

Geoff Carss, long time member of the ILF Wider Community who also happens to be VP Europe for Imaginatik, will be speaking at a conference focused on innovation in the insurance industry taking place in London 18th May.  Even better, he is able to get anyone from the entire ILF community a discount of 20%. Interested?! Do get in touch with us

RE.WORK Deep Learning Summit
Date: 26th & 27th May, 2015
Location: Boston

The summit will showcase the opportunities of advancing trends in deep learning and their impact on business & society. Will smart artificial intelligence finally rival human intelligence? Learn the latest technological advancements & industry trends from a global line-up of experts. Discover advances in deep learning and smart artificial intelligence from the world’s leading innovators. Learn from the industry experts in speech & image recognition, neural networks and big data. Explore how deep learning will impact communications, manufacturing, healthcare & transportation. To get to know more please click here.

As a member of the ILF community you can claim a discount, even to the early bird price. The ILF Wider community have 10% discount using the code ILF10. For members of the ILF Networking Group, you should contact us for the special 20% discount code.

RE.WORK Internet of things
Date: 28th & 29th May, 2015
Location: Boston

The Internet of Things Summit brings together entrepreneurship, science and technology to re-work the future and tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges. The event will showcase the opportunities of the internet of things and the potential for a positive impact on business and society. To get to know more please click here.

As for all RE.WORK events, the ILF Wider Community is entitled to 10% discount with the code ILF10. Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us for their special 20% discount code.


ISPIM Budapest: Shaping the frontiers of innovation management
Date: 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th June, 2015
Location: Budapest

Organised by ISPIM, in collaboration with the National Innovation Office of Hungary, the XXVI ISPIM Innovation Conference – Shaping the Frontiers of Innovation Management – is for innovation researchers, industry executives, thought leaders and policy makers. There participants will deep dive into the Hungarian Innovation scene with local partners, workshops and site visits.

To know more please click here. The whole ILF community has a special EUR75 discount for this summit. You should contact us to claim it.


Best wishes, your ILF Team (Bettina, Caroline & Lis).
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