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Dear Fellow Innovators,

All the exciting stuff that is happening in our network! Alexei Levene with whom Bettina has been connected for many years is involved seeking crowdfunding for an amazing patented solar powered desalination technology for homes called Desolenator. The venture has won 2nd prize at the Climate KiC Clean Launchpad competition and is being accelerated on the KiC. To learn more and / or support this project check this PDF and their blog

Has your organisation embraced the triple bottom line, taking its environmental, social and financial performance to the next level? If so, spread the good news and apply for the 2015 Environmental and Energy Awards! You have to hurry though, entries close on the end of this week. To find out how click here.

Connecting to the above, if you are curious about the new ways in which businesses are addressing their sustainability challenges have a look at the findings from the 2013 sustainability & Innovation Global Executive Study conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group. 

And we just notice, our next one connects again to the above!  The
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) are regularly creating insights around "new and informed perspectives on the problems facing business and society”  as they describe it.  This time they have taken a different approach and have given what they consider the
5 key changes in today's world to photographers to explore and document.  You can  see the result here. What we consider quite interesting is that the five changes identified - New Middle Classes, Newly Educated, Newly Online & Newly Urban, New Resource Consumption, New Market Volatility - are all extrapolations of existing trajectories and continuations of past and current mindsets.  They do not touch what we consider emerging mindsets of increased social and environmental awareness - something Bettina encounters in her teaching around the globe - nor an increasing human-centred view of the world as reflected in the rapidly spreading Design Thinking or the concept of 'Humanising Brands.  Interesting indeed?  What do you think?!

Following the  big success of the inaugural Gadget Show Live British Inventors’ Project in 2014, the organisers are once again on the hunt for the 20 very best inventors, product designers and engineers for the 2015 which will take place in Birmingham April 2015. So, if you design stuff that has the potential to shape our future or have innovative technological solutions to some of the world’s problems (no matter how big or small) then they want to hear from you. Submit your entry by clicking here.



Kent Connects is organising an Innovation Day where people will be able to work together with designers and developers, present their ideas to a panel of judges and win the chance to get support to take them forward! Do you have an idea for improving  your neighbourhood using technology? Go to Transformed by You website and check out the opportunity. 

RE.WORK Cities
Date: 04th-05th December 2014
Location: London

Another event which is fast approaching is the RE.WORK Cities summit in London. The discussions will be around the cutting-edge technologies on the horizon that are going to disrupt and inspire change for the future urban areasFor more information please click here

The Wider ILF Community receivess 10% discount on the ticket price with the code ILF10. Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us for their special 20% off discount code.


WORKTECH14 Buenos Aires & Santiago
Date: 4th & 12th December 2014
Location: Buenos Aires & Santiago

We would like to remind our South American community that WORKTECH 14 will be holding events in Buenos Aires and Santiago in the first half of December. Both are for all those involved in the future of work and the workplace as well as real estate, technology and innovation. 

Get 20% off the by registering as a members of the Wider ILF Community by clicking here (Buenos Aires) or here (Santiago).  Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us for their even more special discount. For more information about the conference in Buenos Aires click here. To found out more about the event in Santiago click here.


FT Innovate America
Date: 09th December 2014
Location: Dream Downtown

For those in the USA this event will be a great opportunity to explore the innovation practices for the C-suite, exploring innovation ecosystems in different industries and different cities around the world, and how they can learn from each other. To find out more click here.

Enjoy 15% off with the code ILF15. Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact usfor more information regarding the special 20% off discount.


Call for Papers: SOItmC & (KCWS) 2015
Event Date: 14th-18th June 2015
Submission deadline: 6th January 2015
Location: Korea

We’d like to close the newsletter with the call for papers for a conference to discuss Open Innovation, the Knowledge City & the Creative Economy. Sub-themes  include, System Dynamics, IT Convergence, Knowledge-Based Development, Entrepreneurship and Creative Economy and many more. To find out more about the event and how to submit your paper please click here 

All best wishes from your ILF Team (Bettina & Lis).


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Innovation Leadership Forum
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