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Dear Fellow Innovators,

After a lovely summer break we are back in action!

Given the sensory overload we all experience on a daily basis, we thought this article with tips on how to help our brain cope would be a good start! Of course, we would like you to have some thinking space for innovation - and our mailouts! 


With some brainspace freed up, how about checking out the freshly created ILF LinkedIn page where we share articles and bits of information we find interesting and relevant in the context of understanding and enabling innovation.

As for the events coming soon, we have a collection from North America (Boston, Chicago, Toronto) and Northern Europe (Copenhagen, London, Potsdam):

In the next Innovators Anonymous meeting (the ILF’s Networking Group), hosted by Virgin at their London HQ 18th of September, we investigate “Holistic Thinking: why innovation can live without it?” While all seats are already taken do let us know any thoughts you may have on this topic. In turn we might share some thoughts emerging from our meeting.


Design Thinking for Human Resources
Date: 23rd - 24th September
Location: Hasso Plattner Institut, Potsdam, Germany

Those who know Bettina know that she has been thinking of the HR function (in the widest sense) as one of the most under-utilised levers for creating (more) innovative organisations, so this seminar is close to her heart:  The experiential 2-day Design Thinking Workshop is tailored for HR professionals and their challenges; working in interdisciplinary teams they can explore how design methods can help develop ideas and solutions for  HR challengessuch as: Talent Management, Change Leadership, Work-Life Balance, and HR Transformation.  
More information can be found on the Institute’s website. Do not forget to use the special code ILF to enjoy a 10% discount off the ticket price. 

FEI Toronto
Date: 29th September – 1st October
Location: Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

Many of you will have been to FEI events before.  This one addresses issues along the whole innovation lifecycle- from ideation through commercialisation and innovation management, processes, and systems. As usual, the wider ILF community are offered a 15% discount (click here), members of the ILF Networking Group, please contact us for your special 20% discount. For more information about the event click here.   

dmi: Design Leadership Conference
Date: 30th September1st October
Location: Boston

The DMI, the Design Management Institute, has been around for a long time, and was one of the early promotors of design in the context of innovation (actually, Bettina had a keynote article in 2004 in their magazine titled “Innovation - what has design got to do with it” - seems pretty obvious now…) The conference will be around the Lab Culture and design as innovation catalyst sharing case studies, stories and insights from Maker and Media Labs, Brand Experience Labs, Incubators, Venture Capital, Robotics, Learning Labs, and Game cultures.
We have secured two-tier discounts, $100 for the wider ILF Community (DMILABxILF) and $150 to members of the ILF Networking Group -
contact us for the latter and to find out more and register please click here.


Chief Innovation Officer Summit
Date: 16th – 17thOctober
Location: Park Plaza Victoria, London

Feedback from the CIO Summit April this year was quite positive - should you go this time, let us know what you think! I can see quite a few organisations who also spoke at the April event - interesting to hear an update, so we assume :-) Check out more on the event’s website.   

As usual, our community has a special discount on the ticket price. Use the code ILF15 and enjoy 15% off the full price. Members of the ILF NG should contact us for their 20% discount code.


Open Innovation Summit
Date: 30th-31st October
Location: Four Seasons Hotel Chicago

As we have been seeing Open Innovation is rapidly moving across boundaries and combining with entirely new categories enabling advances & causing disruptions across an array of industries, functions & disciplines. This summit will explore the topic of open innovation and will also have great networking opportunities.

The wider ILF community has 15% discount on the summit with the code ILF15. Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us for their special discount of 20%. For more information about the summit go to click here.


Innovation Roundtable Summit 2014
Date: 04th-06th November
Location: Copenhagen

Finally, this one is for large corporations only!  Qualifying criteria is to be from an organisation that clocks at least €700m - €1bn annually … During three interactive days that includes presentations, roundtable discussions, dinners and receptions, you can connect with peers from over 150 leading firms. The Summit consists of presentations by 40 highly senior executive speakers and 100 different moderated roundtable discussions. 

Register as part of the IFL community and benefit from 20% discount with the code 14ilf. Members of the ILF group, please contact us for your especial 25% discount.


All best wishes from your ILF Team (Bettina & Lis).



Dr Bettina von Stamm, FRSA
Innovation Leadership Forum
+44(0)7767 428 457
Twitter: BvonStamm

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