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Dear Fellow Innovators,

Over the next few weeks we are sharing with you interviews and articles from the ILF wisdom archive on innovation related topics to challenge what we have learned so far about innovation and to revitalise the discussion around those topics. This week starts with the article “Change starts with you" Bettina wrote for the British Quality Foundations’s journal UK Excellence in May 2012. Also, we have published a few articles under Wisdom of others about sustainable businesses trends, critical elements to foster innovation and brainstorming.


At DESMA's first conference September last year Bettina (who was probably the fist to receive a doctorate in the field of Design Management) was asked to share her thoughts from 20 years in the field of Design Management (which is a close second in terms of her interests after innovation).  You can hear these thoughts here.

The next ILF Networking Group meeting will happen on the 19th of March in London. In addition to IBM and eBay we will have the pleasure of the company of Roger Camrass, the author of the book  'Atomic: Reforming the Business Landscape into the New Structures of Tomorrow' and digital story teller of our time. The aim is to discuss the consequences of the "digital" at the personal and organisational level. This topic made us think that many people from our community must have interesting and relevant stories to share! So, if you have something to share, we would be delighted to welcome you in person (please note that number are restricted…), via Skype, a written note, or some slides. Looking forward to hearing from you!




We have recently received an e-mail from the US-based Babson College about the launch of this new tech company created by a college professor and two alumni. VentureBlocks aims to serve as a new and innovative resource for higher entrepreneurial education. The company’s first educational “block”, ‘The Nanu Challenge’ is an immersive 3-D simulation for customer and opportunity discovery meant to be played as part of a related classroom curriculum. Within the gaming experience, students are given the opportunity to interview consumers and develop insights by identifying their needs. By role-playing within the fictional setting of a small town called Trepton, students assume the role of a nascent entrepreneur pursuing a potential business opportunity, and learn the necessary habits and skill-set it’ll take to make it as a successful entrepreneur outside of the classroom. [Looking at the journey it reminds us very much of the Design Thinking Approach :-).  As it has become a buzzword, there are many places where you can read about it; one of the most original sources is probably still the DSchool at Stanford.]


Finally, we would like to share a book that just come to our knowledge and it sounds like a nice read for those looking for inspiration in new unexplored areas. 'How Does Raven Know?' invites you to see the world anew informed not by science but by sacred wisdoms. It reintroduces to the reader a world we modern ones have dismissed or ignored, a world still held for us in the ancient wisdom traditions of most cultures. It is not a call to action, but to relationship with forgotten companions and animate Earth that willingly offer us support, encouragement, and consolation. Bettina considers Margaret Wheatly one of the most forward thinking and inspiring authors - probably the first book she read by her brought her favourite topics of all times together: Innovation, Leadership and Complexity. For a review of the book which we quite like click here.


Events & Courses

First, we are very happy to announce that our media partner Financial Times Live has offered us a few complimentary passes for the FT Innovate Latin America event that will be held in Panama on the 17th and 18th of March. Might you be able to take advantage of this? Then contact us

Flow-tography: Opening 8 Doorways to Beauty
Date: Various dates in March, 2015
Location: Bangkok, Singapore, Manila and Philippines

This one we would like to share even though the connect with innovation may not be immediately obvious - and while Bettina feels very strongly about the benefits Suzanne’s workshop have for an innovator’s mind, Suzanne is clear that her workshop is about beauty. In March Suzanne Merritt, founder and Senior Creatologist of the Polaroid’s Creativity Laboratory, is  offering a number of workshops in Asia. As she describes is, “Flow-tography uses proven techniques to access your creative genius and express your sense of beauty through a mindful and deliberate process. From this process you are enabled to effortlessly access your creative process as it applies to any expressive mode. New realms of innovation, expression and purpose open up.” To find out more click here.

She is offering One-Day Workshops during March in Bangkok, Singapore and Manila. For those who want to deeper the exploration, she is also running a two-day retreat in Pampanga, Philippines.

The ILF Wider Community has 10% discount on the ticket price. The ILF Networking Group has a special 15% discount. Everyone who is interested in attending the workshop and would like to claim their discount should contact us about it. 


Unwired São Paulo
Date: 7th May, 2015
Location: São Paulo

WORKTECH15 Sao Paulo is a forum for all those involved in the future of work and the workplace as well as real estate, technology and innovation. Some of the topics that will be discussed are: Space, Transforming our Future Workplaces, Motivating Creativity and Innovation, The Future of Work. To know more please click here.

The ILF Wider Community is entitled to 20%  discount on the ticket price. Click here to know more. Members of the ILF Networking Group should contact us to claim their special 30% discount.

Annual Front End of Innovation Summit
Date: 28th & 29th May, 2015
Location: Berlin

This B2B event will enable the participants to learn about the latest techniques and tools to identify opportunities and develop concepts for successful product portfolios development. This Summit will be focusing on: identification of effective practices in the front end of innovation for sustained growth and profitability, organizational attributes and project specific activities, future trends, achievement of excellence in innovation through strategic management and culture, as well as business model innovation. To know more please click here.

The whole ILF Community is entitled to 15%  discount on the ticket price. Please get in touch with Marta to know more.


All best wishes from your ILF Team (Bettina, Caroline & Lis).


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