Karen Calomino, MS, FDN
April 2014 Newsletter
Hair Mineral Analysis

A hair mineral analysis is a simple and non-invasive way to measure macro- and trace minerals, as well as toxic metal levels. Mineral imbalances in the body are often the cause of hundreds of common physical and mental health complaints. Correcting this through individualized supplementation allows the body to return to its natural state and heal on its own.

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Most Americans take in far too much calcium and not nearly enough magnesium. According to Dr. Malter in his article, "Magnesium and Good Health: Has this information Been Censored?", approximately 90-95% of the population could be deficient in this mineral. This is a dangerous trend since magnesium has many vital functions, including maintaining proper heart rhythm and regulating the functions of the adrenal glands. It has a calming effect, relaxes muscles, and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

 Contact ResettingHealth,LLC to learn what a hair mineral analysis can reveal about your magnesium levels.

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Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms
and Diagnosis

by Dr. Mark Sircus

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is a great way to get a large portion of your daily recommended 5-9 servings of vegetables. I usually start the morning off with some carrot juice to boost my energy and fill me up with antioxidants and vitamins. By eliminating the fiber, the juice goes directly into your bloodstream so, even if your digestion system is not in top shape, you'll be sure to reap all the nutritious benefits.

Try this delicious Morning Energy Cocktail!

Today we are exposed to more toxic metals than ever recorded. Pesticides, cigarette smoke, cookware, fish, drinking water, exhaust, medication, cosmetics,and dental fillings are just a few things that contain metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and aluminum. Certain minerals protect us against these, however the lack of essential minerals in our food supply results in an increased absorption of toxins. Read more about this in Dr. Lawrence Wilson's article,
 "Toxic Metals and Detoxification."
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Quote of the month

"The best way to detoxify is to stop putting toxic things into the body and depend upon its own mechanisms."

                     ~ Andrew Weil

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      Morning Energy Cocktail
1 cucumber, peeled if not organic
1/2 lemon, peeled
1 or 2 carrots, scrubbed
1/2 beet with leaves
2 stalks celery
Handful fresh parsley
1-inch piece fresh ginger root
1. Cut the cucumber in half and push the cucumber through the juicer. Follow with the remaining ingredients and end with the other half of the cucumber.
2. Stir and drink as soon as possible.
Source: Calbom, Cherie. 2005. The wrinkle cleanse: 4 simple steps to softer, younger-looking skin. Penguin Group. New York: NY

Karen is a Holistic Health Consultant and FDN Practitioner. She resides in Kansas but consults mainly over the phone.
 She focuses on rebuilding health by looking for and removing hidden stressors in your hormone, immune, digestive, and detoxification systems. Visit her wesite to schedule a free 15-minute consultation and hear more about her Wellness Program. 

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