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Yesterday really felt like spring and the sun actually graced us with its glowing presence for a few hours.  Dean and Dudley had fun putting the covering on the hoop green house and it felt good to just be outside in the warming air.  While Dean busied himself with the technicalities of bracing the hoop structure, Dudley turned her attention to the strawberry patch.  Since it’s been raining so much lately, even though it was well  mulched with leaves, the dandelions, grass and buttercups have really taken a hold of the area.  Dudley actually loves to weed the garden but trying to weed out the buttercups from the strawberries is quite a task.  For one thing, the buttercups tend to mimic the strawberries in how they grow sending out runner roots to connect with other plants.  They create quite an interconnected community!……READ MORE


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