Decemberl 2015  -  Volume 7 Issue 4

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Can you envision a community where each companion animal finds a permanent and compassionate home, where communities are enriched by the special bond between people and animals, where cruelty no longer exists and where each home practices responsible pet ownership, including spaying and neutering their pets.  You can help us grow a brighter future for the homeless rescue pets in our community. More resources make it possible to create more change.

You can help make this vision become a reality in your community.

One of our most unforgettable characters in 2015 includes “Baby Girl”, a 5 year old Lab mix rescued after her drug addicted owner left her chained in the woods without food or water.  She barely survived a diet on stale bread, and came to us with heart worms, skin and ear infections, a thin and mangy looking coat and the most loving personality you could ever hope to meet.!  Ironically, the one thing her owner had managed to do right, getting Baby Girl spayed, almost cost her her life.  Just as Baby Girl was beginning to improve dramatically, a mysterious and acute illness suddenly appeared.  But immediate veterinary attention, swift diagnosis and costly emergency surgery for a rare case of “stump pyometra” saved the day!  Apparently Baby Girl’s entire abdomen had become filled with infection due to retained uterine tissue from the spay surgery years earlier, an infection that slowly crept through her body.  We found an ideal family who wanted to adopt this amazing dog and once we got her medical release from the vet telling us that this Baby’s cure was complete off she went to her new forever home where she is loved and well cared for.

Please, close your eyes for a minute, and imagine the transformation you can make in the life of an animal like Baby Girl simply by giving and becoming a supporter. I am certain of the joy you'll continue to receive in return for the joy you give.

Baby Girl's case of pyometra was shocking, as no one in our group was aware that a spayed dog could ever be at risk for that. Less surprising was Doodles' experience, an adorable Shih Tzu surrendered by owners claiming they'd rescued her from a puppy mill.  A little detective work determined they were the ones who'd relentlessly bred Doodles over the last several years, releasing her to us only when she was no longer of use to them.  Her latest litter had died within her causing the more classical pyometra symptoms and nearly killing Doodles.  She arrived covered with fleas, dejected, smelly and filthy with matted hair.  Following her spay surgery, follow up procedures for dental care and removal of mammary tumors, Doodles is literally a dog of a different color.  Her off-white/gray coat transformed into a lovely golden honey color, and her eyes are as bright as her future with her new family.  It was discovered just before her adoption that Doodles also had low thyroid, which only seemed to increase the enthusiasm of her adopters, who already had another rescue Shih Tzu named Pashie with chronic medical problems.

Another win is our brave and irrepressible little Tandy, a Heinz-57 puppy who was apparently hit by a car and survived three days lying along the roadside, unable to move.   Her mother must have come to let Tandy nurse and then returned to her other pups, who will all now have a safer home and longer life expectancy in our care.  Our Last Litter Program paid for Mom's spay surgery, but our emergency funds had been severely depleted due to Baby Girl's and Doodles' expenses and now Tandy's possible complications.  Our veterinarian determined that precious little Tandy suffered breaks of both her left hind leg and right shoulder about ten days before her rescue.   Initially, this puppy was transported to the vet for merciful euthanasia, as she appeared to be mortally injured.  But several days of critical care from one of our most expert fosters wrought a miracle in Tandy's condition, as she rapidly progressed from unresponsive to difficult to contain!  Since the damaged growth plates in her front leg might prevent healing even with surgery, it was possible that sweet little Tandy might need to learn how to run on three legs and we would have to come up with additional funds to support this deserving little soul!  It took another month but her front leg did heal and she regained full use of it.  Tandy's rescue was initiated by a caring teenager who contacted us for assistance with expenses/ transport for his family's very aged and dying dog for euthanasia—evidence of hope for a kinder world!

There is still so much more to be done.  You can make an impact on the lives of these animals with your gift today.

You can help in growing a brighter future for these animals by supporting our programs and services.  Your gift will allow us to rescue and rehabilitate homeless animals like Baby Girl, providing a safe haven for them until a suitable adoptive home is found or until they are reunited with their owner through our "Save More Lives" program.  You will allow us to further the cause of responsible animal ownership, reduce the number of children that become dog bite victims and encouraging a stronger bond between people and their pets through our "Humane Education and Public Awareness" program.  You will make an impact on the number of homeless rescue pets in our community by allowing us to provide no or low cost spay/neuter services for the people unable to afford to spay or neuter their pets through our "Last Litter" program. 

Please fell free to email us at if you want to learn more about the animals we're helping through our programs or have any questions.

PS. Because your gift to SPCA PETS SNAP of M.C. has the power to solve some of the homeless pet problems in Montgomery County right now.  Your gift says "Yes!" when so many others would say, "No, it's impossible."  Thank you for your support.


Mobile Adoption Events

We hold Mobile Adoption Events on the

1st and 3rd Saturday of each month

from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Location:  Conroe Petco

Address:  1410 North Loop 336 W

Conroe, TX 77304

Come out and visit with our adoptable dogs and cats.

You just might find your new best friend!

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