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Yea!  Another Cat Habitat Victory - Cheeto & Molly3





Cheeto and Molly3 went to their new forever home today.  They will be living the good life in Montgomery with a great family where they will be loved and well cared for.  We did not want little Frito to be lonely so we have put Carly next door to him for now.  She came in as an orphan kitten and Frito's mom Foxie nursed her and took care of her like she was one of her own.  She is a couple of weeks younger than Frito and will not be spayed till 8/4/15 but she can keep him company and maybe they will get adopted out as a bonded pair.  Since they have not been together since last Monday we have the divider door closed between the two sides and if all goes well it will be opened up on Saturday afternoon when we are around to supervise them.

Huge thanks to everyone for all your hard work.  Cheeto and Molly send out a Big Paws Up to all of you! 

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