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Kiki Wellington
in October 2014?

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Get your Halloween freak on!

I love paranormal shows—which probably stems from the fact I was dragged to see “The Amityville Horror” as a child—so it wasn’t surprising to me that when I decided to write erotic stories, my first series involved a ghost. In fact, the first installment of the Supernatural Seductions series was inspired by some of my favorite episodes of “A Haunting” and “Paranormal State.”

I have to admit, writing about sexual encounters with ghosts is not an easy thing to do. Since I didn’t have Jesse take a human form, the characters could feel what he was doing, but they had no way to reciprocate. Also, they couldn’t experience much of the sensual pleasures that make sex so yummy—the smell of someone, the excitement of being able to reach out and touch him and see his reaction, or the chance to whisper dirty nothings in his ear. That’s not to say the women in the series didn’t have a good time with Jesse—they most certainly did—but making love to an invisible man definitely has its share of limitations.

Nonetheless, I loved writing the series as much as the ladies loved being pleasured by Jesse the horny ghost. And since Halloween is right around the corner, you can share the love too! Paranormal Desires is now only $2.99 this month—that’s four hot paranormal sex stories for the price of one!
Also, for more earthly carnal pleasures, you can now get Horny Holidays (The Halloween Edition)—which includes Strangers With Candy and Masquerade—for only .99 until Halloween! The ladies in these stories love October 31, and when they go out on the prowl for some horny holiday fun, their sexual tricks lead to hot, Halloween treats.

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