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ModeKnit Clubs Are AMAZING!

We're pulling out all the stops for our first two clubs of 2016, the SOCK Yarn Club,
and the DK Weight Club.

Inspired by gardens & harvests here is our
first round of colors for our new Yarn Clubs!

The First Sock Club Design is The River Driver

by renowned sock designer, Kate Atherley. (Future sock designs by Lara Neel & Ellen Silva)

Inspired this year by Farm Produce, our sock yarn club is almost full, we still have a few spaces open for knitters who love unique color — or folks who love to give HUGE hue surprises to their kniting friends! Click here to sign up now!

Inspired by Punk Rock Homesteading's beautiful image of heirloom corn, our first Sock Club yarns are based on the warm & cool colors deep within each kernal.

 Colors will ONLY be available to club members; NOT offered for general sale!

Warm Colorway


Cool Colorway
DK Weight Club
DK Weight Yarn is NEW for us, we're just introducing this terrific and versatile yarn weight, so why not try it out in a club!? Each yarn shipment comes with a scarf pattern by Annie Modesitt, perfectliy suited for a DK weight yarn!

The club offers a choice of ModeWerk 100% Superwash Merino DK, soft & strong & hard working; or ModeLuxe 50/50% Silk/SW Merino DK, even softer (& SO luxurious & shiny!) Click here to sign up!

Drawing inspiration from colorful abstract paintings, here's a sneak preview of our first inspiration Jardins de Provence.


Inspired by Louise Marion's  Jardins de Provence, our FIRST colorway is a cornucopia of color!

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